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is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group?

is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group?

Let’s take a look!

Drawing of the Reading Room, the People’s Palace, Mile End Road, London. Illustration from the Century Magazine, December 1890, p. 175.

Yes! In fact Queen Mary University of London is a member of the UK’s Russell Group of universities!

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL): A Historical Beacon of Academic Excellence in the Heart of London

1. Overview and History: Established in 1887 as the People’s Palace, Queen Mary University of London has a rich history of providing inclusive education. Located in the vibrant East End of London, QMUL offers a unique blend of a campus-based university in the heart of the city.

The Statue of Clement Attlee repositioned outside the Library of Queen Mary, University of London at Mile End. This Statue was originally outside the Public Library in Limehouse, East London, where it became delapidated and vandalised. It has been presented on permanent loan from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to Queen Mary, University of London, who have repaired and refurbished it – note that the right hand has been replaced, with a slight difference, in the restoration. Note that <File:Clement Attlee statue – Limehouse library.jpg> is a picture of this statue before restoration. See also : <>

2. Reputation and Rankings: Consistently ranking among the top universities in the UK and globally, QMUL is a member of the Russell Group, which represents 24 leading public research universities in the UK. Its dedication to research and academic excellence makes it a hub for intellectual pursuit.

3. Academics: QMUL provides a wide array of programmes, ranging from humanities, social sciences, law, medicine, and dentistry to physical and biological sciences. The university comprises several faculties and schools, including:

  • School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
  • School of Economics and Finance
  • School of Law

4. Research: Known for its pioneering research, QMUL has made significant contributions in various fields. The university’s commitment to research is evident in its partnerships, state-of-the-art facilities, and the high calibre of its academic staff.

5. Student Life: The university prides itself on its diverse and inclusive community. With over 300 societies, clubs, and organizations, students from all walks of life can find a niche. Its East London location offers a rich tapestry of cultures, cuisines, and experiences.

6. International Community: QMUL is one of the most internationally diverse institutions, with students representing over 160 nationalities. This global perspective enriches classroom discussions and fosters a multicultural environment on campus.

7. Alumni: QMUL’s alumni have made significant marks in various sectors. Notable alumni include Nobel Laureates, esteemed journalists, and leaders in business, politics, and the arts.

8. Facilities: Besides its top-notch academic facilities, the university offers students amenities like the QMotion Sports and Fitness centre and the Drapers Bar & Kitchen, a favourite student hangout. Its library, the Mile End Library, provides extensive resources, study spaces, and cutting-edge technology.

9. Location: Nestled in the bustling city of London, students at QMUL get the best of both worlds – a campus life and the amenities and opportunities of one of the world’s most iconic cities. With central London just a quick tube ride away, students can explore landmarks, museums, galleries, and theatres with ease.

10. Commitment to Public Good: Staying true to its roots, QMUL is committed to social justice and public good. Its various initiatives, scholarships, and outreach programs attest to its dedication to making education accessible to all.

In Conclusion: Queen Mary University of London, with its illustrious history, stands as a beacon of academic prowess and inclusivity. Whether it’s the cutting-edge research, the dynamic student life, or the promise of a holistic education, QMUL remains a top choice for students worldwide. With its doors open to the world, it continues to foster global leaders and thinkers, ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

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is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group? is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group?

Colleges Ranking Index by Rebellion Research

See our Top 25 Colleges In The US list!

Amherst vs Williams: The Infamous Debate

For countless years, recent high school graduates have looked to two of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation:

Amherst and Williams College!

Furthermore, debating where to spend their next four years!

Amherst College Dean talks with Rebellion Research

Babson College President talks with Rebellion Research

Barnard College President talks with Rebellion Research

Berkeley Dean talks with Rebellion Research

Dartmouth College President talks with Rebellion Research

Harvard Business School Executive Director talks with Rebellion Research

Harvard Law School Dean talks with Rebellion Research

MIT Board Member Talks With Rebellion Research

MIT Professor & Physics Nobel Prize Winner Talks With Rebellion Research

Stanford Professor & Nobel Prize Winner Talks With Rebellion Research

Pulitzer Prize Winner & Columbia University Professor talks with Rebellion Research

Wellesley College Professor talks with Rebellion Research

Johns Hopkins Professor talks with Rebellion Research

Wharton Professor talks with Rebellion Research

As a result of the acceptance rate, financial aid, and graduation rate of both school’s, which are nearly indistinguishable, students often turn to ask:

Which school offers the better academic possibilities? Or better housing? And lastly, which school holds the better student life experience?

Amherst or Williams

Williams College – Jewish Religious Center. Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA. Architect: Herbert Newman Associates AIA, P.C., according to Williams College website.

While both schools offer intensive learning environments, Amherst allows students to explore their academic interests to a greater degree.


Amherst’s College Row, consisting of Williston, South, North, and Appleton halls, with Johnson Chapel at center.

Firstly, Amherst promotes a curriculum which promotes flexibility and independence. Other than a first year seminar, a standard practice across the nation, the school has no core requirements.

This allows students to take responsibility for their intellectual growth, prompting many to double major, without the hindrance of balancing required classes. Furthermore, Amherst is a member of the five college consortium, enabling students to explore classes across schools. Although Williams offers an open curriculum, the school still requires students to take three classes in the arts and humanities. Three in science and mathematics and three in social sciences.

Additionally, students become required to take one course to improve students’ ability to reason abstractly. Furthermore, one course that examines various cultures, and two writing intensive courses. These requirements often prevent students from being able to fully explore their academic interests. As a result of preventing them from taking classes that overlap with core requirements. 

Williams College – Williams dormitory. Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA. Architects (Ralph Adams) Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson, according to Williams College website [1]. Daderot – Own work

In a similar manner, Amherst’s housing, particularly the first year housing, trumps that of Williams.

Rebellion Research CEO Alexander Fleiss giving a Keynote at Amherst ...

Rebellion Research’s CEO lecturing at Amherst College.

First-years at Amherst become housed around the main quad on campus, in newly renovated dorms. Oftentimes in the warmer months, first-years awaken to student’s playing music on the quad or the sounds of frisbee games.

After a student’s first year, student’s are able to choose their dorm location for the following year. Students are able to enter the housing process with friends, often being able to live in the same dorm.

The majority of dorms on Amherst’s campus you will find centrally located. Moreover, several of them are air conditioned with elevators and lounges. In addition to newly renovated dorms, Amherst also boasts a new state of the art science center. Filled with labs and study spaces, the science center is an integral part of campus life. 

Finally, Amherst offers a more enjoyable student life.


Amherst College “Lord Jeffs” vs Cornell ice hockey game on Beebe Lake, Ithaca (January 14, 1922).

The surrounding town offers a vast array of restaurants. In addition, direct access to larger grocery stores that fulfill the needs of college students. The surrounding area also provides access to an expansive campus farm. And a winding bike path that allows students to explore the surrounding mountains and trails. This runs contrary to the surrounding town of Williams, which is significantly more rural and offers substantially less dining options. 

The debate between Amherst and Williams will forever drive the competition between the schools. However, if you look past the similar numbers and statistics of each school. Lastly, Amherst clearly offers a better experience for incoming students.

Written by Amherst College Student Henry LeCates

Which University has the largest endowment?

We like to think of the value of a university as one that balances several things in a way to serve the student the best.

For example, if you are a school that doesn’t have an incredibly strong brand and are not selective, you had better have a reasonable cost and be able to demonstrate more than others that you deliver tangible outcomes for your students. If you are a big brand and selective (selectivity signals to the market that students have been “vetted” and are the cream of the crop) then the cost and demonstrated outcomes become less important. That said, demonstrated outcomes for students at such institutions usually exist but that may have more to do with the fact that those schools got the best students at the outset – i.e., they would have been successful anyway.

Said another way, what makes a poor university is one that gets the variables out of whack – if the brand is not powerful, it’s not selective, it’s expensive, and outcomes are not there, that is the worst possible place to be. 

Endowments help but they are the tail on the dog, not the dog.

In other words, endowments (for the most part) get big at schools that have very powerful brands, are very selective, and have amazing outcomes for their students. Those amazing outcomes are what generate the wealth that then goes back to the school in the form of gifts, thus increasing the endowment and allowing the institution to continue to secure fabulous students. To belabor the point, it’s no surprise that the top ten endowments in the U.S. fit the profile of selective schools with amazing brands:

1. Harvard

2. Yale

3. Stanford

4. Princeton

5. MIT

6. Penn

7. Notre Dame

8. Texas A&M

9. Michigan

10. Washington University St. Louis

Is Arizona State University good?

198557795wVVdGH ph.jpg

A palm tree avenue (landscape allée) on the Arizona State University.

Unleashing the “ASU”perpowers: Making the Most of My Non-Ivy League Adventure 


President Theodore Roosevelt addresses a crowd of students on the steps of the Old Main at Tempe Normal School (future Arizona State University), March 20, 1911. Undetermined –

When embarking on my college journey at Arizona State University, I was aware that it was not an Ivy-League institution or top ranked university. Due to extenuating financial and family related issues, I decided to let go of my acceptances to these “higher ranked” universities and committed to ASU, or better known as, “The Harvard of The West”. 

Williams College Ranking!

I firmly believe that the university name on my diploma does not determine my success! But rather the determination and opportunities that I create during my undergraduate education.


Old Main on the Arizona Territorial Normal School (future Arizona State University) campus, circa 1890. ASU/Arizona Board of Regents –

While prestige and reputation are correlated to certain institutions, I am confident that my success is not confined to the U.S. News and World Report rankings. 

is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group? is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group?

I am determined to make the most of my time here at ASU by actively creating and seeking out opportunities that align with my interests and career goals. So far, my interests and goals lie between finance and technology, or to some, “FinTech”. I have joined technology related research labs and clubs and have fought tooth and nail to increase the presence of FinTech and artificial intelligence related opportunities at ASU. I will ensure that ASU does not fall behind in Industry 4.0! Within my first year here at Arizona State University, I founded a “FinTech” club, launched a research lab on how artificial intelligence can be used in asset management that has grown into 15+ students, and am in the works of hosting an “AI in Finance” conference here at ASU in the fall of 2024. 

Sun Devil Stadium

Sun Devil Stadium.

Being a student at Arizona State University has allowed me to strike a balance between my educational pursuits and family responsibilities.


Ringing of the Victory Bell, Arizona State University circa 1956.

Because I am able to be close to home and to my familial duties, I have been able to maintain a strong connection with my family and their well-being. Every day, it is through this commitment and sacrifice that remind me of the values of determination, success, and hard work. 

is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group? is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group?

ASU provides me with an environment that nurtures personal growth, self-empowerment, independence, and resilience. The diverse student body at ASU has exposed me to various cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints, nurturing a deeper appreciation for diversity and enhancing my ability to collaborate effectively. ASU offers an abundance of student clubs, organizations, and events catered to almost any range of interest or background. I am in awe of ASU’s dedication to ensure that all students can find or create a community to belong to and pursue their passions. 

During my time here at Arizona State University, I am also impressed with ASU’s strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. ASU actively encourages me to think outside of the box and explore new ventures. Along the way, I have forged strong connections with amazing mentors and professors who are all key factors to who I am today. These strong, genuine connections have helped me stay focused on my path and have empowered me to become a creator, problem-solver, and change-maker all in one. Forks up!

is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group? is Queen Mary University of London Russell Group?