Is Putin Losing the War in Ukraine?

Is Putin Losing the War in Ukraine? Are we watching Putin starting to lose?

CNN reported 600 missiles launched in the last two weeks by Russia!

However, apparently 270 were launched in the first two days. 

Moreover, are the Russian forces running out? 

Or is their math off?  Furthermore, given how many of them have only taken out civilians. As a result, it doesn’t seem like they have had much military value.

The Wall Street Journal reported Russia bringing in 1000 Syrian mercenaries for urban warfare.  If true, is Russia running out of troops willing or able to fight? Russia deployed 100% of its border forces into Ukraine. So commitment is 100% currently for Putin.

Putin has sold this war to Russia as a special military operation.  

In conclusion, if he has to do a general mobilization in Russia, what will he tell the population? Moreover, what will the Russian population think—will they finally figure out what is going on? Or are they just too frightened to death of their war mongering dictator?

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Is Russia Losing the War?

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Is Putin Losing the War in Ukraine?