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Is Moskva still afloat?

Is Moskva still afloat?

Russia’s flagship Black Sea missile cruiser has sunk after being “seriously damaged”, Russian state media says.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said that ammunition onboard the Moskva exploded. As a result of an unexplained fire. In addition, the ship tipped over while being towed back to port. 

NavalNews reported just last week that, “Russia’s Most Powerful Warship In The Black Sea Is Operating In A Pattern”.

Furthermore, “The Slava Class cruiser Moskva has been operating in the Northern Black Sea. But it has generally not sailed close to the Ukrainian shore, unlike some other warships.”

Clearly Ukraine took advantage of the predictability of her whereabouts.

Today’s sinking of the Russian Moskva warship is a $720 million loss for the Russian military. But, that was the cost in 1995, today the price tag could be several billion dollars. Above, Russian supporters wave flags as they welcomed Moskva as it entered Sevastopol Bay on August 23, 2008.VASILY BATANOV

Russia’s official statement was: “During the towing of the cruiser Moskva to the port of destination, the ship lost its stability due to hull damage received during a fire from the detonation of ammunition. In the conditions of stormy seas, the ship sank.”

What we know about Moskva:

  • The Moskva is/was the most powerful ship in the black sea.   
  • Mostly noted for having heavy anti-ship missiles. In addition, a large air defense system equal to the S-300 land based system.  
  • What we know is that it had a major explosion. The ship’s crew abandoned ship.
  • Ukraine claims the ship suffered an attack by Ukrainian Anti-ship missiles.  
  • We also know that it was sending rapid fire distress calls in the clear by radio till the radio cut out.  (As reported by Ham Radio listeners)
  • Even if it remains afloat, and Russia is able to tow it back to port, it is highly likely it will never sail again due to limits of Russia’s ability to repair and build ships.
  • It was famously the main ship that invaded Snake Island. Leading to the famous “Russian ship, go Bleep yourself” when the Russians asked the troops to surrender.

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Is Moskva still afloat?
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Is Moskva still afloat?