Is Kili Technology The Best Performing Training Data Solution?

Is Kili Technology The Best Performing Training Data Solution? Rebellion spoke with someone invovled with Kili to learn more as quantitative methods are so important to us!

What is Kili?

Kili is focused on better collaboration, meaning the different groups involved in the labeling process (labelers, data scientists, business experts) can interact seamlessly on the platform.

Instructions, questions and mistakes are monitored in real time.

Furthermore, this has created a breakthrough in performance, with 2x – 10x faster labeling and higher quality.
Better speed with accuracy, ease of use and easy integration are the KSF for the labeling decision makers.

According to Kili, “Every time we do a demo with a company’s project, which is easy and requires no company bandwidth, we engage and move to a pilot.” Said a company insider.

Moreover, Kili is an easy to explore tool, and a quick introductory call will result in a 30 minute demo.

In addition, Labeling is such an important function for the quant hedge funds. Or companies in general, it is worth a few minutes to look at a new solution, so we keep our eyes out!

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From their website, Kili Technology:

Better Data, Better Artificial Intelligence. Kili is the complete solution to iterate smoothly, train your AI faster, and to successfully ship your AI projects in production. With Kili, you can better manage this training data. (image, video, text, pdf and voice) by exploiting our optimized features:

Fast annotation, simple collaboration, quality control as well as data management. Available either online or on-premise to match all requirements. It enables you to leverage last machine learning technics either on computer vision (image, video). Or on NLP/OCR (text, pdf, voice) topics. Collaborative, it eases the alignment between SMEs and ML experts.

Is Kili Technology The Best Performing Training Data Solution?