Is it better to have a female driving instructor?

Is it better to have a female driving instructor?

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Benefits of Learning to Drive From Female Driving Instructors

Driving has become necessary for every individual, and the desire to learn how to drive increases with each passing day. However, learning how to drive can be daunting, especially for those new to driving or uncomfortable behind the wheel. This is where the value of female automatic driving instructors comes into play.

I still remember my first driving lessons; I was so nervous, afraid of making any mistakes and dealing with an instructor who was impatient and cold. That experience almost put me off wanting to learn how to drive.

But since then, I have taken lessons from a couple of female automatic driving instructors and believe me, they have changed my perspective on driving entirely! It’s no wonder many people now opt for female instructors because of its numerous benefits.

Heaps of Patience

Firstly, women driving instructors tend to be more patient and understanding than their male counterparts. They know precisely what it feels like behind the wheel, as most of them had also struggled with it in their early days.

One thing I noticed when taking lessons with male driving instructors is that they lack empathy for some issues women drivers may face while learning to drive – such as being surrounded by aggressive men who taunt women whenever they make a mistake. On the other hand, female automatic driving instructors offer understanding support, enabling learners like myself to feel more relaxed while learning about road safety tips.

Girl Power!

Secondly, most women learners will identify better with women instructors due to our kindred-stress shares experiences that help us bond. And this connection enhances our understanding level, enabling us to achieve our goals and make learning fun! 


Thirdly, women are well known for their professional nature here, underlining traits such as good organisation skills, excellent communication skills, and punctuality, among others. With all these impressive organisational skills, you can surely count on your instructor coming fully prepared for each lesson. Having structured lesson plans ensures you get a personalised and systemic comprehensive driving experience.

A Better Driving Foundation

Additionally, female instructors offer the benefit of having smaller car models more suited to women learners. Statistics show that 60% of new drivers opt for lessons in smaller cars to build confidence on the road, a factor considered by most women contemplating learning how to drive. Smaller car types, such as the Volkswagen UP, go perfectly well with small parking spaces while providing zero harm while at it.

In conclusion, there are numerous reasons why choosing female automatic driving instructors is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to learn how to drive. From their empathy and excellent communication skills to their incredible organisational skills ensuring personalised lesson plans plus a preference for suitable training car models, all pointing towards developing successful, confident students.

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Is it better to have a female driving instructor?

Is it better to have a female driving instructor?