Is in-person interview better than video?

Is in-person interview better than video?

As your company transitions back to in-person work, we encourage you to consider sticking with video interviews at least for the front end of the process, for the following reasons.

1. Better signal: With IRL interviews, it’s harder to get through all the questions in the right order. This leads to an unstructured interview and weaker signal. Video interviews allow the interviewer to more gracefully transition to the right question at the right time.

2. Better transcription: It’s hard to get comfortable bringing a laptop to a real-life interview, leading to low fidelity notes and a mad scramble post-interview to jot down the details of the interview. With video meetings, the interviewer can take notes in real-time, leading to a much higher quality transcript, which helps make a higher fidelity Hire / No Hire recommendation about the candidate.

3. Higher comfort level: Since candidates don’t need to sit in a company interview room for video interviews but can interview from their home, this makes them less nervous and leads to them putting their best foot forward.

4. Less bias: Not meeting a candidate in person eliminates a ton of bias (conscious and unconscious, positive and negative) and leads to a more objective interview and outcome.

5. Faster hiring: Scheduling in person meetings requires way more time – however, sometimes weeks. If you have more than 1 round, it means a very long tedious hiring process. You can hire way faster via Zoom. 

In conclusion, in-person interviews are highly enjoyable. But video interviews yield much better results most of the time. Furthermore, so much so that we prefer video interviews even with local candidates.

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Paul Romer

Is in-person interview better than video?