Is General AI possible?

Is General AI possible?

The biggest stumbling blocks to AI, AGI and autonomous devices will be social.

Deep Learning God Yann LeCun

There are two camps – one believes that at some point AGI will be as sentient as a human being and there is nothing special about humans except the physical configuration of the brain.

The other camp refuses to accept anything man made as living, or sentient.

When we have an AI that is as smart as a human butler. Able to serve and converse (probably a very useful household device), with a level of AI that no human, trained or untrained. Could detect it was  a machine by talking to it (full humanity Turing test), then we will have a very strange situation …..

Conservative people who don’t accept materialism will be willing to treat this being like a tool and ignore whatever it claims about its subjective state.

Ironically the people who claim “Intelligence is only software”. Now will find themselves forced to accept 100% that that robot is functionally equivalent to a human. Or at least an intelligent animal, hence, hard coding its actions to serve humans would be akin to slavery.

The former, me included, will surely capture any robot that was freely moving around. And break it down to sell the spare parts.

The latter will be loath to tell their robots what to do.

We will have reached the point where we are forced to play God so to speak.

Even though we bring up children by restricting their freedom. (Based on the idea that children are sub-human) Moreover, doing it to a fully functional super intelligent robot is different.


If there are AGI, you have to set them free, or take a non-materialistic position. (Only humans and animals have some soul)

The non-materialistic position is hypocritical for science (even if many scientists are not materialists)

Hence you have to set AI free. And lastly, the utility of AI becomes lost, welcome to spare parts heaven.

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Is General AI possible?