Is China allies with Ukraine?

Is China allies with Ukraine? Moreover, what is China’s President Xi to do? He promised Vladimir Putin that Russian and China had an unlimitless bond. However, most Chinese citizens hate the invasion. The last thing President Xi needs is to lose support from his people over something Putin and Russia are undertaking. Xi already has a tenous hold on power.

Ukraine and China have built quite strong trading ties over the last few years. This bond flourished, specifically after 2008. China has become Ukraine’s largest trading partner since 2019. Furthermore, with a trade turnover of $15.4 billion US dollars in 2020, of which Ukraine exports goods worth $7.1 billion US dollars. Now China and Ukraine have created social bonds as well between the two peoples and nations.

Did Xi’s promise of a strong country to country bond give Putin the courage to invade Ukraine? In addition, did Putin let Xi in on the invasion plans?

If the Chinese people found out that their leader was complicit in the invasion of Ukraine, President Xi might have a PR disaster occurring on his hands.

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Is China allies with Ukraine?