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is ARM IPO a good investment?

is ARM IPO a good investment?

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Evaluating the Risks and Opportunities in ARM’s Upcoming IPO: A Look at SoftBank’s Role and Market Valuation


As ARM Holdings prepares for its highly-anticipated initial public offering (IPO), investor excitement is tinged with skepticism. ARM’s reputation as a top processor firm, responsible for designing the architecture used in 95% of smartphones, places it in a strong market position. However, concerns arise when looking at the aggressive valuation proposed by its parent company, SoftBank. Notably, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), another leading player in the processor industry, carries a valuation of approximately 7x revenue, while SoftBank proposes a lofty valuation of 20x revenue for ARM. SoftBank’s spotty record in past IPOs, most notoriously with WeWork, further amplifies investor caution.

Market Valuation: ARM vs. AMD

While ARM is an indisputable leader in the processor architecture space, its valuation does raise eyebrows, especially when compared to AMD. AMD, a seasoned company with a diversified product portfolio ranging from CPUs to GPUs, is valued at 7x revenue. This is significantly lower than the 20x revenue valuation proposed for ARM. While it’s true that ARM’s licensing-based business model offers impressive scalability and high margins, does it justify such a substantial valuation premium?

One might argue that ARM’s unique position in the growing IoT and mobile markets could merit a higher multiple. However, this assumption deserves a more rigorous examination, considering the evolving landscape of processor technologies, as well as the rise of competitors like RISC-V. The steep valuation suggests a level of optimism that may not fully account for market risks and competitive pressures.

SoftBank’s Track Record: A History of Overvaluation

SoftBank’s past involvement in IPOs adds another layer of skepticism. The Japanese conglomerate has a history of inflated valuations leading to poor post-IPO performances. The WeWork debacle serves as a stark reminder. Initially valued at $47 billion by SoftBank, WeWork’s estimated worth plummeted to less than $10 billion, leading to a canceled IPO and a severe blow to SoftBank’s reputation.

While ARM is fundamentally a more solid business than WeWork, SoftBank’s history casts a shadow of doubt over the proposed valuation. Investors have to consider whether SoftBank’s valuation of ARM reflects market reality or is yet another optimistic overreach.

Risks and Opportunities

There is no denying ARM’s pivotal role in shaping the processor architecture landscape. Its potential for growth, especially in IoT devices, data centers, and even automotive technologies, is immense. But for a more sustainable long-term investment, it is crucial to evaluate whether its valuation makes sense within the context of its market position, growth prospects, and competitive challenges.

Conclusion : is ARM IPO a good investment?

As ARM gears up for its IPO, its high valuation and SoftBank’s history of overvaluing companies cannot be ignored. While ARM’s business fundamentals are strong, the discrepancy between its proposed valuation and that of AMD offers a cautionary note. Investors should not only assess ARM’s undeniable market strengths but also be vigilant of the risks associated with its aggressive valuation and the influence of SoftBank. As the saying goes, “caveat emptor” – let the buyer beware.

While ARM may indeed justify a higher valuation in light of its business model and market potential, investors would do well to approach this IPO with a balanced perspective, weighing both the enormous opportunities and significant risks involved.

is ARM IPO a good investment? is ARM IPO a good investment?