Is an ADU worth the investment?

Is an ADU worth the investment?

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Moreover, recently a 2021 Porch Survey found in the US Pacific region of homes with an ADU, an average 35% increase in resale value vs homes WITHOUT an ADU.

How To Find An ADU Contractor

If you are jumping on the ADU trend, you are going to need a solid team of professionals to help you. Whether you are building an ADU, garage conversion, or JADU, you are going to need a good ADU contractor to get the job done. Here is how to find an ADU contractor.

1 Ask Family And Friends

Start by asking your family and friends if they know of any ADU contractors. Since ADUs are booming in popularity right now, chances are that you know someone who has constructed a unit. Their experience with their contractor can help you identify good ones, and ones to stay away from.

Facebook can be a great place to ask your friends who you might not even know who have experience with ADU contractors.

2 Look At Online Reviews

Other people’s experiences with contractors can be a great indicator of who you should work with. Websites like Houzz and Yelp are great for finding reviews on almost anyone. When on these sites, it is important to look at both positive and negative reviews. As well as how the contractor reacts to negative reviews.

3 Conduct A Google Search

If all else fails, you can always conduct a simple google search for ADU contractors in your area. Check to make sure their website has examples of their work and see if there are any reviews on the site. Also, look to see how long they have been in business and whether or not they specialize in ADU development.

Finding A Good ADU Contractor

The right ADU contractor for your project will have experience building ADUs and be familiar with the changing ADU laws in your local area. They will also be fully licensed and insured to keep you safe from having to pay any damages if something were to happen. You should never work with someone who does not have good insurance, as this can be quite risky for you.

Your ADU contractor should also be fairly priced. Anyone who has an outrageously low bid is probably not insured, not as experienced, or going to hit you with fees later on.

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Is an ADU worth the investment?