India Out Of Oxygen

India Out Of Oxygen

India Out Of Oxygen : In one of the largest countries in the world Covid has sent the healthcare infrastructure to its knees. India is out or nearly out of oxygen in most regions.

So far, India has confirmed over 16 million corona cases so far, surpassed only by the United States. India is a country of almost 1.4 billion people so the potential for this to get much worse is great. Plus, India has a lot of dense population centers where the virus can spread easily.

India has tallied over 2,300 deaths in just the past 24 hours and the nation’s total death toll is nearing 200,000.

Indian politicians have taken to social media to complain about the lack of oxygen and the nation has looked to Germany to fly in portable oxygen generators immediately.

The Indian government released a statement saying 23 of these mobile German oxygen generators were being flown in with high priority. But, India is still a nation with over 1 billion people, so getting this oxygen to the people who need it most will be very difficult.

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Many say the true covid numbers of India are much greater and with such a gigantic and rural country in many areas local death tolls could be uknown in some parts.

There has been some good news of recent in terms of total hospital visits having plateaued recently, but that could be an aboration, hopefully its a greater trend.

Either way what is painfully clear is that India’s crumbling infrastructure is in need of a major rennovation, from healthcare to subways. Will the Federal government in India devote the needed capitol to the hospitals, bridges and roads that India so severel craves?

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India Out Of Oxygen

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