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In Defense of the Destroyer by US Navy Captain Tal Manvel

The Global Need for the Destroyer

As long as commerce flows on the surface of our oceans, capable, well-armed and ably crewed surface combatants on destroyers will be needed in war to protect our carriers, and in peace to deal with pirates to keep the sea-lanes open.

China will be able to “capture the high ground of the seas” in the South China Sea with their short-range, anti-carrier ballistic missiles that will probably not allow us to defend Taiwan, but they will not be able to do that anywhere else in the world.

That is why they are building a large aircraft carrier to signal to the world that they are willing to extend their military domination elsewhere. The question is: are we going to accept that? If we allow Taiwan to be taken over by China, many will accept that, but not me.

Lockheed Martin Confirms the SR-72 – Son of Blackbird Will Reach Anywhere in the World in One Hour

Nuclear Submarines: A 7000 Ton Swiss Watch

The problem with that is that coercive socialism-communism-destroys the individual’s will to work because it demands that each must give according to his/her ability and receive only what he or she needs that makes slaves of all. So need not value is to be rewarded, and altruism-otherism-is the morality.

Unraveling The Mystery of MH370

A British Destroyer

The individual must sacrifice and his life and happiness be dammed. Hopefully, the people of China will see the benefits of Capitalism, and reject communism and rebel. But that will take a long time. But time is not on the side of Chinese communists.

For every taxpaying worker in China, 5 are retiring because of the One-Child policy. That is why they are acting to crackdown on the young people of Hong Kong and try to subjugate Taiwan now.

China’s New Stealth Fighter Jet

World’s Largest Aircraft Carrier Designer US Navy Captain Tal Manvel

The real solution is that here in America is we need to re-commit to the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence.

Indeed, the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence are playing out now. We should not turn away from them, but restore them, for all Americans. We can use the destroyer to bring peace throughout the world.

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US Nuclear Submarine Captain USS Santa Fe David Marquet Opens Up

The problem is that these truths are only self-evident when we use the power of Newton, Locke and Bacon, reason, to understand the laws of Nature.

Using reason and the laws of nature, we should see just as we-everyone are subject to the law of gravity, so we should use reason-not faith-to make objective laws where all humans are equal before the law, (but not in results); that all are humans possess certain unalienable rights to the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

They are unalienable not because they provided by some supernatural being, but because individuals cannot live without them.

Why did Titanic Sink?

China’s New Stealth Bomber

That the purpose of government, the institution with the monopoly of force to enforce certain social norms is just to protect rights and not provide for needs.

A long answer to explain why a destroyer, defender of freedoms on the high seas, will still be around in 20 years.

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