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IBM Watson Security Director Harold Moss

IBM Watson Security Director Harold Moss : After Working on Emerging Technologies for IBM and EMC, What’s Next for Harold Moss?

IBM Watson Security Director Harold Moss Harold Moss is a legend in the world of technology. Harold is best known among the water coolers of the technology world as the first guy to build and ship a product in under 90 days for IBM. IBM being considered by many to be halfway between a graduate school and a corporation, speed is not their strongest attribute. But Harold rises above the pack!

Within 2 minutes of our phone conversation commencing, I could tell Harold’s IQ was exceptionally high. This leads us to our conclusion on Harold, that he is really a Renaissance man. For Harold is one of those rare gems who is both an inventor and a corporate manager.

Firstly, Harold got his start traveling the world.

Secondly, Harold was the son of a nuclear physicist by trade whose various jobs kept Harold’s childhood on the move. Harold grew up around Eastern Airlines where his father spent many years and the airline became like a family to Harold, something that Harold would look for later in his career.

Early Age

Furthermore, Harold felt pressure at an early age to be an impressive scientist or teacher. In fact, Harold is the nephew of world famous inventor Dr. James West. The inventor of the microphone. If you have ever used a telephone you have used Harold’s uncle’s invention!

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Moreover, Harold wanted to be a lawyer and not an inventor as a young adult. When Harold was working at the TimeSlips Corporation, the head of engineering pulled Harold aside and said, “You’re gonna make more as a engineer than a lawyer.” Engineering is clearly a vocation for which Harold’s family possesses the right genetics!


Harold would eventually join IBM’s Emerging Technologies group and in time Harold would go on to also build parts of IBM’s flagship Machine Learning program Watson.

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The security features on Watson were designed by Harold. As a result, IBM felt like a second family to Harold, a home. Harold recalls his division head remembering his name 9 years after first meeting him. A personal and sensitive side to Big Blue that is not often discussed in the media. Harold felt that eventually he needed to spread his wings more and try new things.

Harold took over Security Strategy for EMC and sadly had to say goodbye to his IBM family. At EMC Harold began working on building a next generation security strategy for their global security. Eventually, Akamai made Harold an offer he couldn’t refuse to take over security strategy for the boston-based technology firm. Harold is leading the “Strategy and Business Development for our Web and Security businesses which are our fastest growing businesses.

In conclusion, Harold is doing his best to spend more time with his Labrador retriever and his two children these days, the “loves of my life”, Harold kept repeating to me! And, apparently work was just a hobby.

IBM Watson Security Director Harold Moss Written by Alexander Fleiss & Edited by Rachel Weissman

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IBM Watson Security Director Harold Moss

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