IBM Quantum Computing Breakthrough

What Does This Mean For The Quantum Computing Industry?

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IBM Quantum Computing Breakthrough IBM claims quantum computing breakthrough with their new work. CEO Arvind Krishna told HBO that, “IBM has created a quantum processor able to process information so complex the work can’t be done or simulated on a traditional computer.”

As a result of billions of dollars of capital expenditures by IBM over the last few years. The once vaunted technology company is making headlines once again for their research.

IBM is claiming 127 qubits of processing power which at above the magic 100 qubit level puts quantum computing above traditional computing power!

In addition, Krishna said in his HBO interview. “It is impossible to simulate it on something else, which implies it’s more powerful than anything else.” Moreover, IBM is entering a new computing galaxy or solar system essentially.

Furthermore, Krishna also told HBO that a normal computer has no chance in competing with a quantum machine. “It would take a normal computer bigger than this planet to be able to do that.” According to Krishna

“IBM Quantum System Two offers a glimpse into the future quantum computing datacenter, where modularity and flexibility of system infrastructure will be key towards continued scaling,” according to Dr. Jay Gambetta, Vice President of Quantum Computing at IBM.

What makes Quantum Computing different from traditional computing?

As a result of traditional computing engineered to use ones and zeroes. In addition traditional computing tries many possibilities in quick succession. However, quantum computing works quite differently. Moreover, quantum computing hones in on the right answer, making it well suited to tacking complex problems.

In conclusion, it is clear IBM has found their way back to the technology leaders. Now the question is can they turn this into revenue and earnings?

IBM Quantum Computing Breakthrough

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