Hydrogen vs Electric Fuel For The EV Electric Vehicle Market

Hydrogen vs Electric Fuel For The EV Electric Vehicle Market

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Hydrogen vs electric fuel? Which is the future of the electric vehicle industry?

Many “hydrogen tech” vehicles use fuel cells, rather than hydrogen combustion engines. Fuel cells are certainly preferable to batteries for electric or hybrid vehicles, as, even with room temperature superconductors, batteries will always be a dead end, as they are an ecological nightmare.

Hydrogen as fuel cells works.

Hydrogen storage is an unsolved problem – it seeps through everything and can ignite even at air/fuel ratios of 200:1 – extremely dangerous.

You can do metal hydrides, but the energy density will tank.

The ideal scenario is Nukes and Solar arrays creating liquid fuels using water and carbon dioxide. We can run planes, ships and other outdoor non-urban transport with them. In city transport should be only electric maglev trains and electric bicycles or small electric “rickshaws”

If you live in a city where you need to commute 50 kilometers a day to work at a desk job, its a social problem, not a tech problem.

According to world-reknown battery expert Dr. Shirley Meng, Zable Chair Professor in Energy Technologies, Department of NanoEngineering, Jacobs School of Engineering University of California, San Diego

for personal (light duty) cars, the race is over. H2 might have some chance for heavy duty like long haul trucks – or long-distance shipping… but it will take a few more breakthroughs…¬†

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