How To Protect & Maintain Your Profit Margins

How To Protect & Maintain Your Profit Margins

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Running a business isn’t easy, and there will be times when you face financial difficulties. However, you don’t have to let them restrict your success as there are things you can do about it. For example, you could apply for business funding online to secure a loan that sees you through the tough times. Alternatively, you could look at your profit margins and see how you can improve them. Your profit margin is the amount of money that’s made and includes all your expenses and deductions. You want your profit margin to be quite high so that you can promote profitability. So, keep reading and find out how you can protect and maintain your profit margins. 

Know Your Operating Expenses

So that you can accurately work out what your profit margins should be, you need to ensure that you’re fully aware of your operating expenses. This includes things like the costs of stock, how much you sell them for, and even what your labour costs you. If you don’t calculate your expenses first, you won’t be able to figure out your profit margin or how you can increase it. Make this the first thing you do when trying to protect your profit margins, and you’ll definitely find it a lot easier to do so. 

Raise Your Prices When Necessary

A super easy way to maintain your profit margins is to increase your pricing when necessary. It may seem a little daunting and you might be worried about losing customers, but if you provide them with quality products and services, a price increase is unlikely to drive them away. If you’re still charging the same prices as you were five years ago, then you’re probably going to start losing money very soon. This is because things like inflation cause other market areas to increase in price, so if you’re paying your supplier more, you need to start charging your customers more. 

Be Careful With Sales And Discounts

While discounts and sales can be a great way to attract customers, holding the too often or offering vouchers out with every purchase can really drive your profit margins down. One thing to be aware of is that a discount of 10% can mean you need to reduce your profit margin by 50% if it’s starting at 20%. So, unless you want to really crash your profit margins, you need to ensure that sales and discounts aren’t ran on a regular basis., otherwise you’ll just end up haemorrhaging money. 

Don’t Always Be In Line With The Competition 

Although it’s good to be aware of what your competitors are charging, it’s not always a smart idea to be inline with their prices. Charging exactly the same as them can actually be worse for your profit margins than if you charged more. You always want to be better than your competition, but that doesn’t just mean in price. If you’re able to offer a better quality product and high class service, then you’re able to charge more without losing customers to competitors. So, don’t always price match and instead focus on what your products are worth. This way you’ll be able to maintain much higher profit margins for a longer period of time. 

Negotiate With Suppliers

Suppliers are always looking for ways to keep their clients on board, so sometimes asking for a discount can be very easy to obtain. By lowering your unit and stock costs, you can easily increase your profit margins and keep them higher for longer. You may be able to order larger quantities for a discount as well, which again, will really help boost your profit margins. So, don’t be afraid to negotiate with your supplier and see if you can save a bit of money while increasing your margins. 

These methods of increasing your profit margins are very easy to implement and they won’t cause you to lose any money at all. Once you’ve calculated your profit margins, you’ll find it much easier to stay on top of them and keep them higher for long periods of time. With the help of these tips, before you know it your profit margins will be higher than ever before, and you’ll be reaping the rewards. 

How To Protect & Maintain Your Profit Margins