How to Make a Stylish Instagram Feed: The Best Apps for Your Phone

How to Make a Stylish Instagram Feed: The Best Apps for Your Phone


Instagram is the “face” of the product. Often the customer judges the quality of the product by paying attention to the style of the social network profile.

Apps for Post Editing


The platform includes over 80 filters for photo editing. You can take photos without leaving the app. Pomelo also has a video processing option. Some of the app’s tools are available for free, but you have to buy the Pro version to activate all the filters and presets.


The app offers stylish filters to help make your Instagram feed look uniform. The main advantage of VSCO is a collection of templates that are suitable for selfies, landscapes and group shots. Unlike analogues, here you can add text to the photo, but this option is only available after purchasing the paid version.


The app is suitable for fans of retro aesthetics. The platform will turn your photo into an atmospheric vintage picture in a couple of clicks. A paid annual subscription will give you the opportunity to use a large number of fonts and filters.

Video Editing Apps 


This app is hugely popular because of its convenience in video editing and processing. In it, you can resize, add background, music, text – all this is available in the free version. Payments are required for some of the filters.


A free menu with a user-friendly interface and lots of stickers, filters and audio are the main components of this application. Even if you have never worked in video editing programs, there will be no problems.


This app is completely free, and options such as filters, cropping and formatting, audio and text overlay are available.

Apps for Creating Logos and Advertising Banners


The app has a paid version and a free version. However, you won’t be able to use either of them without registration. The free version is needed to create a logo that isn’t unique. 


In this app, besides templates for promos, logos, and business cards, you can make a presentation, write a formal letter, and even a resume. In the app, you can apply a logo and make a branded video.

Stories Design Apps


The consistent design of the templates, the easy layout of the photos, the ability to change backgrounds, fonts and colors all make working in Unfold convenient and enjoyable. Activating the Unfold+ version you not only get access to the template gallery but also can add unique fonts, branded colors and work in the web panel.


The app is considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing: you can find many stickers, backgrounds, photo frames, as well as fonts and shades for text. The free version is enough to create a full-fledged Stories series.


You can put together a collage, write text, add ready-made phrases and graphics, that is, give free rein to your imagination. In the app, you can also find ready-made templates, where you upload photos from the gallery. Some of the tools are available for free.


Here you can find stylish dynamic templates, a collection of audio tracks and animated stickers. You can also take advantage of convenient video editing tools: collages, special effects, filters, and more. What is available in the Pro version? For example, it allows you to remove the background with a single tap, add your own fonts, customize animations for selected objects, and more.