How To Improve The Performance Of An Old Laptop?

9 Tips from the Experts

How To Improve The Performance Of An Old Laptop?

We are becoming more inclined towards technologies and devices. As time passes, manufacturers are modifying and incorporating new features to make it a better version. And, there is no doubt that people are more dependent on gadgets. 

Laptop, desktop, mobile etc. are all important to work in life now. And, every device comes along with both pros and cons. Some people use it in a good way like office work, to attain seminars, for online classes etc. At the same time, some use it for hacking purposes. But, irrespective of the types of usage, all these devices get old at one point in time. And, you will notice that its overall performance decreases and the device become slow. This is something that you cannot ignore. 

Thus, we will discuss certain tips that will help you keep your laptop in a stable position. 

Tips to Improve Laptop Performance

Here we will discuss some of the tips that will help in improving the performance. This will make sure that your old laptops work effectively. However, if you note that the problem is quite complex, then opt for Laptop repair services.

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Remove the Grimes

No doubt every processor design is different in all laptops, but the basics are the same. Firstly, remove the grimes accumulated with the help of any good cleaner. 

Cleanliness can help you to improve the performance of the laptop. Small efforts can do wonders. You are not unaware that your laptop can develop a lot of problems with time. Thus, cleaning the surface area can make the laptop load free. 

First, you need to chalk out the area where dirt has accumulated and affected the performance. Apply a suitable cleaner that can remove the stubborn grimes. 

Using Compressed Air to Clean the Keyboard

A can of compressed air will help you to clean the keyboard. Compressed air cans are available in the market. Open the can, attach the plastic hose, and point it towards the dust accumulated at the corners of the machine to blow it out. 

Use this right under the key to eliminate the dirt and dust that are accumulated. A proper cleaning process will make sure that your laptop works efficiently. You can also seek help from a Laptop repairs agency for step by step guide.

White Vinegar to Clean the Monitor

You can use white vinegar to clean the stubborn dirt on the monitor. Experts have reported that users are giving a positive response to it. You need to use a soft cloth, pour the vinegar, and apply it to the stubborn stain. For example, dirt, dust, even fingerprints on the screen can be erased with ease. This process will make sure that stains do not affect the performance of viewing the screen. 

Upgrade the Hardware

In order to improve the performance, you need to upgrade the hardware. It might be possible that you need to spend some amount on upgrading the hardware. Though purchasing a new one can cost a bit higher. Also, it is much easier to increase the capacity of RAM and hard disks. After finishing the process, see if this tip is helpful or not. 

Check the Interior Part 

It is very normal that when you use the laptop for a long time, it gets overheated or if you do some heavy work, it tends to heat rapidly. The body gets hot, and also the fan might malfunction. Thus, cleaning the interior part is very important to make sure that your laptop is working normally. 

Close the App Running in the Background

Often, it has been seen that too many apps running in the background reduce the laptop’s performance. You can try to clean the applications that you are not using at that very moment. Laptop repairs agencies can list out the important applications. After closing the application, you can reboot your system to make sure it is working properly. Laptop repairs agencies can list out the important applications.

Update your Windows, System and Applications 

Your laptop performance can decrease if you don’t update the applications, systems, or even drivers. Often it has been seen that updating all these will make sure that your system is improving. First, go to the Start option and click on the Settings icon. Then, go to the Updates And Settings option followed by the Windows Updates option. 

These steps will definitely help you improve the performance of the old laptop.  Also, keep in mind that the system and drivers must be kept up-to-date. You can also check online and decide which version you must use for the betterment of your laptop. 

Remove Unnecessary Files

You might have noticed that there are so many unnecessary files on your system that are affecting the performance of your laptop. To improve the performance of the laptop you need to delete the files from your system. And, your laptop gets cluttered due to this. There might be large files, high-resolution images, videos etc. Make sure you free up space by deleting the files. Lastly, you must also empty the recycle bin. 

Uninstall the Program that you don’t need

It has been seen that often users install large files that take a lot of space and this can be the reason for low performance. If you figure out that this is the main reason, then you need to uninstall the programs. 

The steps are – first, you need to go to the Control Panel. Then, you need to click on the Programs option, and finally click on the Programs And Features option. This will help you to uninstall the program and improve the performance of your laptop. You can also decide which program you want to keep and which you don’t. 


So, these are the essential tips that will help you to improve the performance of the laptop. Do follow the tips this will surely help you out. A lot of users have reported that these points have been really helpful to speed up the system’s functioning. If you face any difficulties, you can always take help from experts or their opinion.  

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