How To Improve Maintenance Around Your Home

How To Improve Maintenance Around Your Home

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Home maintenance is something that all homes need and from time to time, this maintenance may end up being non-existent. It’s understandable though, the last thing you want to be doing sometimes on the weekends or when you come home from work, is to do things around the home.

However, home maintenance is important and it’ll help keep your home in good condition. Depending on the size of your home, your checklist might be several pages, or it’s fortunately just a page long. Here are some helpful tips to improve maintenance around your home and to make it easier for yourself.

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Have a detailed checklist to work from

A detailed checklist is a must, especially when it comes to your workload. It can be hard to manage everything, especially when your mind wanders and you forget what you were meant to be doing. 

A checklist is going to help bring everything together and to help understand exactly what it is that you need to prioritize and do first. Some tasks might be done on a daily basis, some weekly, and others monthly or annually. The more detailed you can be with your checklist, the more efficient everything will feel.

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

It’s easy to forget that they’re there and that they do a lot to help ensure you and your household are safe. However, it’s something you want to keep on top of, especially as they can easily stop working if you become less attentive to them.

Your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are often powered by batteries. Once these batteries run out, these alarms cease working and therefore if carbon monoxide were in the room or a fire started in your kitchen, there would be no alarm to let you know. When you’re asleep, that could have devastating consequences.

Make sure to test these alarms regularly and replace the batteries routinely.

Get out the professionals for any repairs

There is often some maintenance work that is out of your scope of expertise. Whether that’s residential AC repair or fixing some dodgy pipes within your home’s plumbing system. Instead of trying to fix it yourself, it’s best to get out the professionals instead. The professionals are going to make sure that they fix the problem. 

If you’re attempting to do it yourself, then chances are you’re likely going to do some damage. With that said, pay extra for the professionals and provide yourself with peace of mind.

Some maintenance work may be able to wait but for others, it might be better to get the experts in sooner rather than later. The last thing you want is to have a more costly expense because you left the repair work for too long.

Clean out your gutters regularly

It’s important to ensure your gutters are in good condition, otherwise blocked gutters can cause foundation damage to the home. The dirt and debris that can often fly over from other properties and in harsh weather conditions is something to be attentive to. 

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To help keep your gutters free, make sure to check them regularly for any signs of blockages. For some, it might be a case of taking some ladders to a safe height and for others, it might be worth getting someone in to do it for you.

Keeping your gutters clean will help keep the exterior looking great. You may at some point have to replace your guttering so be aware of this as you check the current state of your gutters next time you clear them out. 

Regrout any tiling when it gets old

As your home gets older, everything gets a little more dated and worn down. It’s important to stay on top of general maintenance like regrouting your tiles for example. The bathroom and kitchen are two areas of the home that will see a lot of footfall. 

When it comes to tiling, you may have noticed some staining to the grouting itself. What used to be white or cream, may now have an orange tinge or it may be breaking off in parts. That’s when it’s time to regrout or at least clean the grout with bleach if it’s doable.

Regrouting is fairly easy to do and it’s something you can DIY by looking online for advice. Make sure though that you have all the right tools and products needed to do it correctly. 

Clean any humid areas to avoid mold and damp

For your home, it’s natural that it gets a little hot and humid in there with all of the cooking and bathroom business that goes on. Not only that but the general warmth of bodies in the home and heating up the space will all lead to more humidity in the home.

It’s beneficial to clean any humid areas in order to avoid mold and dampness occurring. Keep on top of this by cleaning down damp windows with cloth and airing out these rooms by opening doors and windows regularly. This will help mold from forming which is dangerous for those living in the space.

There are also plenty of cleaning products you can get to help with mold or mildew. If you’re really struggling, invest in some dehumidifiers. 

Throw out anything that’s broken and clear out clutter

If you’ve found anything that’s broken or that you feel is clutter, then clear it out. As individuals, we can end up collecting a fair amount of clutter in our time and it’s important to declutter regularly.

For any furniture or furnishings that have seen better days and are beyond a state of repair, then it’s best to throw them out. Make sure you’re decluttering the home regularly and by doing so, you’ll notice a big difference. Do this every few months to stay on top of it. 

Improving your maintenance around the home is a must for 2023. Maintenance will help keep your home running more efficiently and more importantly, it’ll ensure you spend a lot less on costly repairs in the future.

How To Improve Maintenance Around Your Home