How to Get More Views for Your Blog Post

How to Get More Views for Your Blog Post

Blogging is most certainly not dead in the year 2022! In fact, having a good blog strategy for your business is one of the best ways to get your audience engaged. 

When it comes to getting more views to your blog pages, certain steps, like optimizing title tags and meta descriptions, as well as choosing compelling images that will draw users in, will help you gain more views for your blog post, but there is so much more to it than that!

Best Practices for Writing a Blog Post

No matter what kind of blog you run, there are certain best practices that will help you to get more views on your blog posts.

Avoid blog posts that are too long.

One of the biggest mistakes that blog writers make is to put up too many blog posts on their sites. The common length for a blog post is 1200 words, but, in reality, you should try to keep it at 800-1000 words. 

Long blog posts can actually be detrimental to the conversion rate of your post, so get rid of any post that is over 2000 words unless it is a real deep dive into your industry

Optimize for SEO

You should always optimize your blog post for SEO, but in today’s Google-centered world, you need to be even more vigilant about it. 

For example, you may want to consider adding images to your post for added SEO value.

There are many little tweaks you can do to boost your overall rankings. Get in touch with an SEO expert like for some professional guidance on this important aspect of your blog. 

Use titles that grab attention and keep users reading.

Your title needs to make sense for your blog post, but it also needs to be interesting enough that someone will click on it just to see what on earth it is about! 

It is generally easier to write a catchy headline for an article than it is for a blog post because there is a lot more information that needs to become conveyed due to the length of a blog post.

Tip: Use keywords in your title, but don’t go overboard. You want to optimize for engagement, not just for SEO.

Use social media correctly to get more views on blog posts.

Many bloggers mistakenly think that they can use social media to drive traffic to their blog posts; in reality, you need to use social media for two purposes when blogging for maximum results: 

  • Build up followers and subscribers before you post a new article, so you have an audience that is interested in what you have to say. 
  • Use your social networking platforms as a way to promote your blog post after it has been published. 

Keep an eye on your analytics.

During the writing process, you need to keep an eye on your analytics, so you know where you are getting traffic from and how users are finding your blog post. 

This is particularly important if it is a new post going up for the first time. 

If you see that someone else has shared your blog post with their audience, take note and reach out to them with a “thank you” or a “hey, can I give you some more information about my product/service?”

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