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How To Focus On Studying : 9 Tips

How To Focus On Studying : 9 Tips

Actually, it’s a common fact that studying demands lots of effort. There is no wonder that students all over the world prefer to do less or avoid learning at all. Here are TOP recommendations on how to change the situation dramatically.

Step 1. Prepare all the necessary materials in advance

While studying, don’t waste time looking for and choosing pens, felt-tip pens, rulers, notebooks, and suitable literature. This is very distracting, so prepare everything before you take up your work.

Step 2. Forget multitasking mode.

It seems to us that people who do several things at the same time are smarter and more talented than we are, but it’s not so. It’s just that their mode of work doesn’t suit us, and our mode doesn’t suit them. Stanford researchers in 2009 studied 100 students who thought they were great at multitasking.

There were a number of tests on attentiveness, the ability to remember new information and to move from one task to another. So, many multitasking students did worse on the test: they couldn’t focus on the task, they were constantly distracted by everything. So if you have too many tasks to do – don’t panic and ask for help from some cheap coursework writing service. That would be better than exhausting yourself with multitasking.

Step 3. Make a to-do list

In the evening or at the beginning of the next day, take 15-20 minutes to write a list of tasks that must be completed during the day. Arrange them in order of importance to you. If exam prep is coming up, start with a topic you don’t fully understand and only then repeat the one you already know.

Step 4. Find something to laugh about

Many people think funny videos are the cause of procrastination. But there are also those who think the opposite: such entertainment not only does not prevent us from concentrating, but, on the contrary, helps. Psychologists believe that laughter can help us maintain willpower, which will further help us concentrate.

Humor is an excellent source of replenishing psychological reserves and, as a result, leads to greater diligence when performing tasks. That’s what scientists claim. So don’t blame yourself for watching funny videos, but don’t forget about moderation.

Step 5. Search for a companion to study together

Find someone close to you, focused on learning, and start studying together. Studying with someone in pairs is a great idea, this way you can share thoughts with each other and see things from a completely different perspective.

If you like communication and people, you might not want to consider this option. But if you’re an introvert, this way will work great for you. Choose a mate who is not an ardent extrovert, otherwise he will talk nonstop and distract you from your studies. Try to find someone who is smarter than you, and who will not mind clarifying things you do not understand.

Step 6. Find a quiet place

Kids’ yelling, the noise of cars outside the window, and the conversations in the next room contribute to the production of the stress hormone. The higher the level of cortisol, the harder it is to concentrate. If you have important work to do, ask your relatives and neighbors to be quiet, close all the windows, or use earplugs.

Step 7. Get rid of gadgets

It’s impossible to concentrate when there are messages and notifications coming in every minute. There is only one solution: get rid of digital irritants. Take your smartphone to another room, turn it off or put it in “do not disturb” mode. On the computer, leave only the programs you need to study, close all the tabs that distract you, and turn off the sound.

Step 8. Use special apps to concentrate

Unable to put your phone away? Then try downloading the following apps to improve concentration.

Forest is an app to combat procrastination. When a person needs to concentrate he plants a virtual tree. If you close the program before time, the tree will die, and the process of growing the tree will need to start over. The essence of the application is for a person to concentrate on work or study and forget about the phone for a while.

Freedom is an app and website blocker. The app can block both access to the Internet and the sites of your choice. You can also make a blocking schedule. Use it regularly and the ability to concentrate will become a habit.

Step 9. Plan for distractions

We’ve already found out that distraction is a natural process and you shouldn’t always suppress it. A psychologist at Harvard University believes that you need to distinguish between accidental and intentional distractions. People who find a little time in their schedule for daydreaming worry a lot less than those who don’t allow themselves to do it, but still indulge in daydreaming at some point.

In the study, 84 people were asked to do a simple computer task for an hour. Those who allowed themselves two breaks throughout the task performed better than those who worked continuously.

Actually, a person can be fully concentrated for no more than 90 minutes. Take this time as a basis, observe yourself, and understand how long you can work in a state of maximum concentration.

How To Focus On Studying : 9 Tips

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