How to Fix Low-Quality Videos on TIKTOK?

How to Fix Low-Quality Videos on TIKTOK?


TikTok is an incredible social media platform that allows everyone to create and share highly creative and innovative videos. As the platform is exclusively famous for its short video format, anyone can use its feature and unleash their creativity to make their video go viral. 

Even though you are creative enough, there is another essential aspect that you need to consider to gain popularity. Are you wondering what that aspect is? If yes, it is the quality of the video. Whether you are a long-term user or a newbie TikToker, posting quality videos is essential. So, create videos with quality to enhance engagement, and use online resources to gain instant fame with your videos. 

If you are still wondering about raising or fixing your video quality, you can follow this article to learn more about improving your quality. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll on and start reading!

Importance of Video Quality on TikTok

Social media applications are abundant, and among them, TikTok has taken its place as the best. If you ask why? It is because of its content that is entertaining and engaging. The user rate of TikTok has grown more than billions for this reason. So, when creating content, one should focus on creating quality content to stand unique and gain a larger audience for their brand. 

As the usage of mobile devices and 4G/5G networks increase, the expectation of the quality of videos has grown higher. So, to attract the audience and keep them engaged, creating high-quality content is not just essential but mandatory. Now that you know the significance of high-quality video content, read on the following topic to understand why your video quality is terrible.

Reasons Why Your Video Quality Is Bad

If your video quality is bad, it is not just because of your recording or device. Instead, it might be because of other reasons, such as internet issues or TikTok servers, which can result in poor quality. For example, the most common reasons that most users face are as follows. 

  • When the data saver is on, your video quality might look blurry or less quality. Switching off the options can enhance your video quality. 
  • When your Wi-Fi/network connection is slow, your video can look dull. 
  • And when your HD setting is disabled, it will result in quality less video. 

Hence, setting up these can help you enrich your video. After setting up your video quality, you can create content and buy tiktok likes to increase engagement and get featured on FYP. As you are aware of the importance of quality, read the detailed explanation on how to fix your quality better. 

Ways to Fix Your TikTok Videos Quality

Knowing why your quality is not good is the start of making progress. And so, improving your video quality is highly essential for your profile’s growth. Moreover, as TikTok’s user rate is higher, posting quality videos and unique content can increase your brand value. So, read through the details below and fix your quality accordingly.

#1 Record High-Resolution Videos

When creating high-quality videos, the first thing that one should concentrate on is the device they use. It can be either mobile phones or cameras. Nowadays, many prefer using mobiles for recording videos. And using mobile is an excellent option as it is affordable and easy to use. But even when using mobile, one must select a phone with effective camera resolution and robust lenses. 

For example, mobile phones like One Plus, Samsung Galaxy, or Apple are the best devices for recording high-quality videos. And another thing that you can do for better video results is to use the front camera rather than the back camera. It is because front cameras can give you HD-quality results to the best. 

#2 Deactivate Data Saver Mode

Data saver mode is the best if you want to enjoy watching videos on TikTok on a limited data plan or at an affordable rate. But when uploading videos, keeping data saver mode on can be the worst turn-off. It is because when you upload videos with a data saver, TikTok will upload low-quality videos to consume less data. So, to avoid that and to create a quality video, follow the below instructions and turn off the data saver mode in your account. 

  • Open your TikTok account and navigate to the ‘Me’ tab.
  • Click on the three dots in the top corner and open the account setting option. 
  • There, look for Cache and Cellular Data options.
  • And toggle off the data saver option.

#3 Upload Videos on Your Computer/Laptop

Sometimes, uploading videos from your mobile device can result in bad-quality videos. To avoid that trouble as an alternative, switching to the other device is the best option. Using another device to upload videos can make a significant change in the quality of your content. 

You can use your Laptop/computer or go to your TikTok website to upload videos. By doing this, you can save your videos from losing quality, thus enhancing your profile better. Additionally, leveraging online resources will help you attract a wide range of audience and strengthen your TikTok profile. 

#4 Have a Good Internet/Wi-Fi Connection

A stable internet/Wi-Fi connection can take a long way when uploading videos. So, before uploading videos, one must ensure their connection is good. Only then will the video be of better quality. Also, compared to mobile data, using a Wi-Fi connection to upload videos can drastically increase the video’s resolution. 

Final Thoughts 

Thus, following these effective ways can be highly beneficial for posting high-quality videos and attracting a larger audience. TikTok is a phenomenal application for successfully building your profile. While the app has many compelling features and powerful algorithms, following specific ways will explicitly boost your growth rate. 

As the quality of the content and video plays a vital role in driving your traffic and growth, concentrating on them is critical. And as the majority faces the problem of delivering quality content, this article is exclusively for them. So, use the ways in the article and amplify your reach better.