How to Effectively Use AI Writing Assistants for Customer Service?

How to Effectively Use AI Writing Assistants for Customer Service?

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How to Effectively Use AI Writing Assistants for Customer Service? The importance of good written communication skills has climbed to the top of the list with the thriving remote work culture. Customer service agents rely primarily on writing to communicate with the customers, their co-workers, and managers. Overall, quality writing has become essential for effective internal and external communication. 

But how does artificial intelligence (AI) fit into the picture? AI-enhanced software can ease the work of your customer service agents and improve their communication. 

When you have an endless number of messages to send daily, the quality of writing can lessen. People’s focus deteriorates and mistakes are bound to be made. However, with the help of AI, your customer service can reach a whole new level.

Learn more about how an AI writing assistant can boost your customer service in the following lines.

1. AI Can Save Time

Technology has its way of making our lives easier. The same applies to AI writing assistants. By automatizing and streamlining communication, AI writing assistants can save customer service agents some valuable time.

The agents can dedicate that time they save to solving more customers’ problems. They’ll also be able to provide a faster response, which is always a plus in the eyes of consumers.

AI writing software can take on tedious, time-consuming responsibilities, allowing customer service agents to deal with tasks that require a human touch. 

2. AI Can Act as a Proofreader and Editor

Grammar and spelling mistakes or misused phrases can create a bad reputation for your brand. If customer service agents don’t write properly, their words can be misinterpreted and your brand’s reputation can suffer.

Proofreading and editing are similar to asking for help with solving equations—you need an expert’s help to get it right. Without a knowledgeable and experienced set of eyes, your representatives can let many mistakes slide. Since you don’t have the time to hire an editor to proofread every message, you can hit the dead end. 

The solution for proofreading and editing can be found in AI writing software. The software can check the customer service agents’ writing, signal their mistakes, and offer correct forms. It can also give suggestions for phrases and words they should use. They can simply click on the option that AI software provides and complete their sentences.

Some software has an auto-completing feature as well. Based on the past writing, the software will suggest suitable words and sentences. If you use Gmail, you had a chance to test out this option as Gmail has the auto-completing feature. 

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3. AI Can Adjust the Tone of Writing

Written communication doesn’t have the same ability to properly reflect the tone of voice. A few wrong words can make the representative’s response seem rude. If this happens, the situation with the customer can escalate and the whole conversation can go downhill.

The same applies to internal communication. A miscommunication between co-workers can ruin some valuable relationships. For example, if a customer service agent misinterprets the manager’s tone, they can get offended, or they can even use the same inappropriate language style to respond to a customer.

AI writing software can make this issue go away. These tools leverage natural language processing (NLP) to analyze and contextualize the content. Based on the analysis, the software will recommend suitable words or phrases for that conversation. 

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4. AI Can Assure a Consistent Brand Language Style

One of the key steps of forming a recognizable brand is the style of language you use. A consistent style of writing across your customer service channels will help you make a memorable impression on the customers.

Whether you use email or live chat to correspond with consumers, you want to retain the same language. This can seem like a challenging task when you need to coordinate dozens of customer service agents. That’s why AI writing assistance can be of great help.

Writing assistants can take into account the writing style guide you provide. Based on the style guide, the tool can give suggestions and highlight any words or phrases that don’t align with the brand’s identity.

For example, if you don’t want your brand’s language to contain any jargon or complex sentences, the tool can flag them and provide the agents with a better word choice. 

Here’s a real-life example of how Writer, an AI-based writing assistant, allows you to create your content style guide:

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5. AI Can Make Sure That Your Writing is Inclusive

Inclusion and open-mindedness are very important for building a positive brand image. Bias, insensitive, or offensive language can irreparably damage your brand’s reputation. However, it can happen that a customer service agent unintentionally uses an offensive word or phrase and a big problem for the company will arise. 

AI writing tools can help you keep an eye on the language that the representatives use. Some tools can identify offensive, insensitive, or microaggressive language and signal to it. The representatives will be offered a different choice of more appropriate words.

Inclusive language is relevant for establishing respectful relationships with the customers. Especially now when people are starting to recognize the importance of eradicating insensitive and offensive language. 

Writer software has the inclusive language feature, so you can take a look at how this writing assistance works:

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The Best AI Writing Assistant Software

When searching for writing assistant software, you’ll come across many possibilities. Therefore, a few recommendations can help you build a foundation for an effective research process and proper choice of tools.

Here are a few AI writing assistants that are considered to be the best on the market:

  1. Writer
  2. MessagePath
  3. Grammarly Business
  4. ProWritingAid
  5. NeuralText

Wrapping Up : How to Effectively Use AI Writing Assistants for Customer Service?

Customer services play an important role in your company. How they communicate with the customer will reflect on your brand image. Therefore, investing in AI writing assistant software will not only make it easier for them to correspond with customers, but it will also help you build a strong brand image. 

Author’s bio. Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at SpeedyPaper with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.

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How to Effectively Use AI Writing Assistants for Customer Service?