How much was stolen in the OpenSea NFT hack?

How much was stolen in the OpenSea NFT hack? There is so much confusion and misinformation around the OpenSea hack. It’s incredible.

OpenSea confirmed an estimated $1.7 million worth of NFTs stolen in a hack on Saturday. The phishing attack exploited the smart-contract code used in NFTs, the platform believes. Crypto-related hacks are on the rise, with the $320 million solana wormhole attack an example.
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people really WANT to believe #opensea is innocent and this was a #phishing attack…. it was NOT a phishing attack. It was an #EXPLOIT of opensea. 

All the phishing in the world wouldn’t have allowed this hack to happen. This was as a result of poorly written code for OpenSea. 

When people insist it was a phishing hack, they let opensea off the hook – and that is not okay.

The CTO of OpenSea is speaking at ETHDenver when suddenly rumors of a hack start spreading. 

Moreover, people start leaving the conference to check their NFTs and see what is going on. 

Looking at the OpenSea hack/phishing scam evidence on chain (despite etherscan problems with unfortunately timed maintenance hours). 

1) Hacker was planning this a while ago, I think as early as May 2021. 

2) they had bad OpSec and I was able to identify multiple exchanges that could have KYC on them.

3) They did a lot of testing on-chain and the evidence is there with multiple wallets minting multiple NFTs as they practiced signature glitching.

4) the exploit contract seems to rely on the victims doing a no-gas transaction signature on a fake website that sets up a $0 private listing of their NFTs that only hacker can buy. 

5) Increasing evidence points to an isolated incident. To social engineering victims. Who click a suspicious link and sign the tx. 

6) questions still remain: why does OpenSea accept tx signatures it didn’t create? Lastly, is there a technical problem with that? Among other Qs.

How much was stolen in the OpenSea NFT hack?