How many losses has Russia taken in Ukraine?

How many losses has Russia taken in Ukraine? Is there any way to really know the answer?

We have no way of knowing, but I do know that the Ukrainians believe it, and believing it hurts Putin.
Ask yourself this, if Russia says it’s not true is it believable?  

Moreover, let’s look at where we are. The Russians have not seized one major city in Ukraine outside of the Donbas region. Furthermore, this means they are facing serious resistance and taking heavy losses in personnel and equipment.

As a result, some believe the Russians are going out of their way to hide losses.

According to US News & World Report: “Ukraine has claimed that its forces killed 3,500 Russian troops. Konashenkov also said that since the start of the attack Thursday. The Russian military have hit 1,067 Ukrainian military facilities. Including 27 command posts and communication centers, 38 air defense missile system and 56 radar stations.”

— Lastly, Russia’s military said it has taken over Melitopol. A small city in the Zaporizhzhia region in southern Ukraine 50 kilometers (about 30 miles) off of the Azov Sea coast. However, the claim could not be independently verified.

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How many losses has Russia taken in Ukraine?