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How does social media affect cyber security?

How does social media affect cyber security?

As inherently social creatures, almost all of us long for socializing (nope, not you, introverts). We have our own thoughts and, therefore, like to share the same with others and see how they react. After all, it’s our innate wish to discuss everything with each other.

However, sometimes, being too expressive can bite us back in the wrong place.

Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly. 

We’re, indeed, talking about how social media can deteriorate your cybersecurity massively. Here’s what you need to know about it.

How Does Social Media Affect Your Cybersecurity?

Honestly, the power of social media is pretty easy to utilize. Hence, nowadays, hackers are opting for the same to gain more information instead of following someone’s IP address. 

Hence, be careful and even if you’re using a safe website like 1337X, make sure to activate your VPN beforehand.

Problem – 1: Offering Too Much Data.

When it comes to promoting one’s business, most people tend to opt for social media more than anything else. However, sometimes, sharing too much data can attract an identity thief to your account and help them get whatever they’re looking for.

And, mostly, the small businesses tend to fall for this trap. As they share everything a client needs to know about them, like –

  • The name of the employees.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The location of your office. 
  • How or when did the organization start? 

Hence, we’ll ask you to avoid sharing too much on the internet. Instead, find another way or two to be transparent to your audience.

Problem – 2: Malware Penetration.

There was a time when malware was commonly found in emails and download links. But, since the introduction of social media, this scenario has changed drastically. 

Now, you can find a malware program or two in almost every social media ad or a shortened URL. All you need to do is click on the link, and a malicious program will creep into your PC or smartphone without any notice.

This, in turn, can slow down your system or, worse, expose you to a cyberattack.

Problem – 3: Getting Exposed To Home Invasions.

Using social media too carelessly can also expose you to an actual home invasion. 

We mean, yes, it’s pretty exciting to go on a vacation and share pictures of your experience. However, you’re also letting everyone know that you’re not available at your home right now.

Hence, they’ll consider this as an opportunity to invade your house and steal anything that’s available in your home. Even if you’re not available for an hour, utilizing the “checking in” feature will also let them know about your absence.

Problem – 4: Falling Into A Catfishing Trap.

Like an online dating app, social media is also quite convenient, as they allow you to find a snuggling partner in no time. However, if you get into this strategy too much, you might fall into the problem of catfishing.

And, if you didn’t know, catfishing is all about someone faking their identity to be another person as a whole. Hence, you might end up thinking that you’re going to meet a pretty girl. However, instead, get mugged by a muscular guy.

Problem – 5: Unsecured Mobile Devices.

Accessing your social media account can be done by using a single tap when you’re using your smartphone. However, what happens if someone steals it?

Well, in that case, they’ll be able to access almost each and every piece of information regarding you and your well-being. Besides, they can also use your social media account and take advantage of the same in the most unsocial manner.

The Bottom Line 

Yes, yes, we know what it looks like. Social media is the real villain for Gen Z, right?

Well, no. 

We didn’t write this article to discourage or ask you not to use social media at all. We’re merely telling you to be careful when you’re sharing something in a social place. Otherwise, people may steal your information and misuse the same for the sake of it.

Also, even if you use your phone casually, ensure to use at least one encryption system on it. Or else, if it gets stolen, people may obtain information from it as well. 

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How does social media affect cyber security?