How Do You Manage The Risk Of Climate?

How Do You Manage The Risk Of Climate?

Sustainable Investing / Blockchain

Pest propagation. Mild winters allow more pine beetles to survive to kill large swaths of forest.

Insuring our future has become a pivotal part of the climate movement. However, one company, Arbol actually physically insures climate risk and using the blockchain to achieve phenomenal success.

According to their website, Arbol offers to:

“Bring efficiency, transparency, and scale to climate risk management using data, blockchain and an AI-powered pricing platform.”

Just this afternoon, the co-Founder & President, COO & CFO of Arbol Inc., Philippe Heilberg(below); posted the following commentary on his firm’s recent performance which we felt merited exposure:

“Why has Arbol been successful since inception? Its team. Its as simple as that. Even as a private company, we believe in transparency. As such, here are some metrics to show how efficient this team has been:

Started June 2018

Money raised since inception- about $20 million (yes just $20mm)

Gross revenues (non GAAP exp through 2022) since inception- about $250 million, 25x the capital raised. Huge growth expected in 2023.

Investor Capital Used in Operations Since Inception – Just $3 million. That’s right, we used just our seed capital to build this Company.

Cash Flow positive with our risk partners up in both 2021 and 2022! (how many can say that this year)!

Final stat- we now have less fully diluted stock outstanding than after our Series A raise. In other words, investors from the A have not been diluted. Just the opposite!”

Sustainable Investing / Blockchain

How Do You Manage The Risk Of Climate?