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How do most break ins happen?

How do most break ins happen?


Staying Secure During the Festive Frenzy: A Guide to Reliable Locks

Daylight burglaries, shockingly, are a prominent reality. This holds especially true during the festive buzz, as FBI records indicate that a significant portion of home break-ins occur during daylight. With the holiday season’s hustle and bustle, our homes might inadvertently be put at heightened risk. So, as we bask in the festive spirit, it’s paramount to prioritize home security to ensure an unblemished celebration.

Cracking the Code – The Locks to Reassess:

  1. The Popular Kwikset Spring Latch: While Kwikset is a household favorite, its spring latch models are vulnerable to lock bumping techniques.
    • Deep Dive: This quick lock-picking method has grown in popularity, with some regions like Oklahoma City noting a surge in burglaries, particularly during weekdays. A hint, perhaps, at the lock’s vulnerability.
    Expert locksmith, John, observes, “While the Kwikset SmartKey offers simplicity, it sometimes sacrifices security for ease of use. In my practice, I’ve witnessed it being compromised faster than some of its rivals.”
  2. Era’s Digital Door Range: While the digital era promises ease, it doesn’t always guarantee safety. Some of Era’s early digital models have raised security concerns.
    • Deep Dive: Modern doesn’t always mean secure. With the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) pointing out a burglary spike during festivities, it’s evident that not all digital locks hold their fort.
  3. Aged Master Lock Padlocks: Master Lock’s reputation for resilience is undisputed. However, some of their older models can become security liabilities over time.
    • Deep Dive: Weather exposure can compromise a padlock’s integrity. The FBI’s data on unresolved burglaries in 2021 underscores the need to regularly evaluate and replace aging locks.

Lock Legends – The Reliable Trio:

  1. The Sturdy Schlage Deadbolt: Known for its formidable design, Schlage’s deadbolt stands as a testament to mechanical security.
    • Deep Dive: A correctly installed deadbolt is an effective barrier against forced entries. As home intrusions tend to surge during festivities, Schlage deadbolts emerge as an ironclad choice.
    John adds, “Having interacted with various locks, the Schlage B60N has time and again proven its mettle. Its design, coupled with a robust strike plate, positions it as the pinnacle of home security.”
  2. August Smart Lock Pro’s Tech Marvel: This smart lock strikes a perfect balance between modern conveniences and robust security.
    • Deep Dive: Its advanced features like real-time notifications, remote access, and constant monitoring make it a priceless asset, especially for those away during the holiday season.
  3. Medeco’s Double Cylinder Mastery: This lock is designed keeping in mind homes that need an added layer of security.
    • Deep Dive: Perfect for doors adjacent to windows, these locks prevent burglars from simply breaking the window and unlocking the door from the inside. The dual cylinder feature ensures heightened security.

John emphasizes, “Your door lock is essentially your primary shield against potential threats. A strong lock isn’t just about style but also about substance. A relentless intruder may try various methods, but a premium lock will undoubtedly make their task significantly tougher.”

Closing Thoughts:
As the holiday season unfolds, bringing with it joy, love, and memorable moments, the essence of home security should remain paramount. A robust lock stands as an affirmation of our commitment to protect our loved ones and prized possessions. Amidst the festive decorations and glittering lights, let’s not forget the need for a fortified home. Revel in the festive atmosphere, reassured by the knowledge that your abode remains safe and sound, ensuring pure, unbridled holiday delight.

How do most break ins happen? How do most break ins happen?