How do I know if a flight is codeshare?

How do I know if a flight is codeshare?

Airlines are legally mandated to clearly state when a flight is operated as a codeshare. Usually marked clearly during the booking process, furthermore under the flight number with the words “operated by,” displaying the operating airline’s name.

Alliances and domestic code sharing can be viewed as the same because the major moving points.

After examining what both agreements do and how they benefit their counterparts, their purposes become narrowed down. Separating the two and their phrasing is not as necessary as a person would think due to the similarities.

Code sharing

Simply, defined as a commercial agreement between two airlines. Furthermore, allows one airline to put its digital identification code that appears on digital reservations on another airline flight (GSA, 2018). As a result, this means that United Airlines places “UA4321” on a reservation for a flight actually operated under American Airlines “AA”.

By participating in this practice. United Airlines has just taken credit for a flight in an airplane that their company does not even own. Moreover, expanding the reach of resources to generate revenue. Alliances will accomplish this task as well

An alliance is essentially an arrangement to pool together resources between airlines (Boon, 2018). In addition, as the airlines agree to combine resources it helps them gain an edge against their competitors.

An example of this could be if one airline noted a profitable flight route that was out of the range from their main operating hubs, they could create an alliance with an airline working that route and decide to code share with that airline to dip into some of the profits. Alliances between airlines include other ways of pooling inventory and programs like frequent flyer points (Boon, 2018). Within alliances, code sharing becomes included in the agreement and at the same time, code sharing can still exist outside of alliances (Boon, 2018). 


In conclusion, since an alliance between airlines can include code sharing, it is hard to see the difference between the two practices. The main difference seen is that code sharing includes just the one function of sharing codes and alliances can be made to share additional assets. Lastly, overall the creation of code sharing and alliances have enlarged airline operation areas to better suit the increase of air travel.   

How do I know if a flight is codeshare? Written by Bain Campbell

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How do I know if a flight is codeshare?