How do I join an early stage startup?

How do I join an early stage startup?

The idea is to put yourself first! Moreover, analyze the expectations and take the right step.

See yourself as an investor, who is signing a contract to invest a significant portion of the compensation into the company.

1. Firstly, don’t accept any cliffs. The stocks need to start vesting on day one. Thus, there is no reason to demand an employee provide an interest-free loan to the company.

2. In addition, don’t accept stock options expiration upon exit. Nobody should have an obligation to buy their compensation 45 days after exit.

3. Demand 84b election. Look up what it is and how it works. However, don’t skip this step!

4. Demand a copy of all the investor updates sent within a prior year.

5. Furthermore, demand information rights upon exit written into the employment contract. As a result, you should be treated as other major shareholders upon exit and get company progress updates.

Is it worth joining an early stage startup?

Lastly, if you’re early on in your career, with high ambitions and low monetary constraints. As a result, you may prioritize learning and growth. Moreover, if this is the case, an early-stage startup is best for you. In conclusion, early-stage companies are often more willing to take chances on employees.

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How do I join an early stage startup?