How do I Get a Job in a Venture Capital Firm? Does 2 Years of I-Banking Guarantee VC Employment?

How do I Get a Job in a Venture Capital Firm?


Fascinating how many young professionals nearing the end of their 2-year consulting or IB gigs expect early-stage startups or VCs to welcome them with open arms – then get punched in the face by reality.

Want to leave the corporate world to get into VC or startups?

A few quick pointers to get you started:
  • Swap the suit for a t-shirt on your LinkedIn picture
  • Stop referring to yourself at the 3rd person on your bio
  • Stop with the buzzwords; cut to the chase
  • Relentlessly build out your network of startup folks
  • Get active on Twitter
  • Offer your services part time for free to a startup. Do whatever they need you to do (and trust me, it won’t be strategy)
  • Launch a startup yourself. You’re almost certainly gonna fail (sorry), but it’ll give you loads of credibility & actionable experience.

Two things usually matter for Seed through Series B stage startups: Building & Selling. If you can’t code, you better be willing to sell. 

Two things matter for junior VC roles: sourcing & diligence. What’s sourcing? It’s sales. Again.

If you can’t code and you can’t sell, focus on BizOps, Chief of Staff, or FP&A roles at Series C/D+ startups.

If you’re past the VP/Principal level in investment banking or consulting, the early stage startup & VC ships might have sailed, sorry. Your services might be needed at a late stage / IPO’ed startup, and going a bit earlier from there should be a bit easier.

Written by Will Champagne

How do I Get a Job in a Venture Capital Firm?