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How do I choose a good learning platform?

How do I choose a good learning platform?


Choosing the Right Learning Platform for Your Needs

Choosing an e-learning platform is critical as business professionals, and corporate sectors begin to embrace e-learning. The variety of platforms for online learning available today may seem overwhelming, but they differ in accessibility and features. This article will discuss crucial factors to remember while picking the best e-learning platform for your requirements.

Online learning can improve the accessibility of your lectures, draw a wider variety of employees and let you accept new hires from a greater geographic area. Using an online learning platform also means that you won’t ever have to worry about the business of learning being disrupted by Remain At Home orders and social distance restrictions during COVID-19.

But how can you pick the best platform for your requirements regarding online learning? The section below examines some factors and qualities your institution should consider when choosing an online learning platform.

Are there enough features on the platform to support your learning goals?

It is important to ensure a platform is tailored to your employee’s needs and be willing to pay for extra features. For instance, at VARTEQ, we have created a gaming-integrated e-learning platform, which is a terrific feature if you work with young students and children. Also, you may run online courses using VARTEQ’s e-learning platform, which you need if you’re constructing a sophisticated corporate learning system.

Is it user-friendly?

The learning curve of an online learning environment shouldn’t be too large. Instead, an online learning platform should be simple for managers, instructors, and learners. Your selection criteria should include simple systems, clear interfaces, and user support services.

Does it integrate easily with your current systems?

Your organization shouldn’t have to begin from scratch after investing in an online learning platform. Instead, the platform you select for online learning should provide direct integration with other technologies your organization may already be utilizing. This includes online learning platforms that can integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) and any lecture recordings, webcasting, or video hosting tools your institution may already use.

Does it offer a fun learning environment?

Will the instructor and learner interaction be one-way in your virtual classroom, or is it two-way? Tests, quizzes, and other interactive features must be available on your learning platform. Instructors need to be ready to focus on each learner. Each learner must be allowed to ask questions and talk with the instructor.


The cost is frequently at the top when looking for the best learning system. Resources may be scarce, and budgets may be limited. It should come as no surprise that price is a crucial decision factor.

But even so, investing in learning platforms is a long-term strategy. However, the tools and features that boost the effectiveness of online learning are not free. The cost of a less expensive platform is not a major concern right now. Nonetheless, it could still result in missed opportunities, unmet goals, disengaged students, and unproductive learning strategies.

Bottom Line

Organizations recognize the value of incorporating an e-Learning platform into their learning and training. Such tools help expand the reach of training beyond the office doors by granting instructors and employees easy access to training material. 

Today choosing an online learning platform is all about catering to the needs of your employees and giving them a learning environment that not only replicates but also improves the traditional classroom experience. LMS Latitude Learning is the best learning platform to cater to your employee’s learning needs and meet organizational goals. 

How do I choose a good learning platform?