How did Top Gun Maverick do at the box office?

How did Top Gun Maverick do at the box office?

After a 2 year delay Tom Cruise can rest easy as he has a huge hit on his hands. 

The entertainment publication Deadline reports that “Top Gun: Maverick” witnessed a staggering box office take. Of $150 million over four days. Moreover, the best opening for the film’s lead Tom Cruise.

Furthermore in regard to the US holiday weekend, Memorial Day. The ratings firm Comscore released that the “Top Gun” sequel now holds the spot. Of the largest grossing movie over the holiday weekend!

As a result of beating the 2007 “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.”

The Johnny Depp film previously had held the Memorial Day top spot. With a total take of $139.8 million 15 years ago. 

However, when you consider the insane inflation going on in the United States now and over the previous 15 years. Thus, the rankings wouldn’t come close!

But, Rotten Tomatoes sees an impressive 97% score for the film. Which should provide box office legs for some time to come. 

This will go down as Cruise’s best 4 day opening ever. 

The film originally had a July, 2019 release date. However production delays and Covid didn’t allow that to happen.

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How did Top Gun Maverick do at the box office?