How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology changed the Financial Landscape

How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology changed the Financial Landscape

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

Over a decade ago, the world saw its first cryptocurrency; back then, no one had a clue that cryptocurrency and its father technology, blockchain tech, will completely revolutionize the way everyone looked at finance. Today, the whole world of finance is in process of change thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 

People all over the globe are talking about decentralized finance and how things can be changed for the better if we use blockchain tech to its fullest. Over its course of existence, crypto has revolutionized the financial landscape and brought about significant changes in the ways in which people over the world do business. 

Ever since its introduction, crypto has seen more than its fair share of criticism from all types of people and outlets. From governments to media agencies and financial experts, everyone has had their reservations with cryptocurrencies, calling the market uncertain and unreliable, along with other things. 

However, when you move beyond the criticism, you start to see the ways in which cryptocurrencies have made financial transactions simpler than ever before. In this article, we look at how cryptocurrency and blockchain changed the way finance becomes done and why they are the future of finance. 


Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has given rise to something known as De-fi or decentralized finance. The purpose of De-fi is to remove intermediaries when it comes to a financial transaction, which means that if it becomes a reality the role of banks and other brokerage firms will be eliminated.

It makes use of blockchain technology and allows for peer-to-peer financial transactions without the need for any third parties. Many call it the future of finance, when no governments or financial institutions will be able to intervene in transactions, allowing for complete financial freedom. 

De-fi allows people complete control over their finances and guarantees safety unlike anything else. However, one concern associated with De-fi is that it will be impossible to stop illegal payments and financial transactions when there is no over-watch from any financial institutions of any kind. 

Quicker transactions

Cross-border financial transactions can take a lot of time to complete. In some cases, it can take days to send money to a loved one in need in a neighboring country because of all the red tape and security checks. 

However, with cryptocurrency, this time period becomes cut to a few seconds only, Crypto allows for rapid financial transactions. Moreover, completed instantly. Allowing for improved results. As a result, this is something that is only possible because of blockchain technology. 

Safer transactions

Along with faster transactions, crypto and blockchain technology offers security and safety unlike anything else. It is one of the safest ways of transferring money and is not prone to any kind of mishaps. Crypto is so safe that many online gaming sites have adopted it as their mode of payment; some of the best betting sites also allow you to bet using crypto. 

Blockchain technology is unhackable, which allows for security that you will never get anywhere else. Safety is a major concern when one talks about any type of financial transaction; crypto offers more security than anything else known to mankind. 

The security and safety that come with crypto have not become seen with any other financial instrument. And are among the most important reasons why people have started to put their trust in crypto. Moreover, when it comes to their personal finances. 


Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are also a result of blockchain technology. And they are the future when it comes to copyright laws and online ownership. NFTs have allowed people ownership over online assets. Which means that in the near future we might see an end to piracy and copyright infringements in the online space.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology changed the Financial Landscape