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How Could AI be used in the Online Casino Industry

How Could AI be used in the Online Casino Industry

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Online casinos have seen a rapid boom over the last couple of years. There are plenty of reasons why, starting with the internet.

Today, going online takes just a few taps.

The average player can start a game within minutes, no matter where they are.

They don’t have to visit a casino hall, nor do they have to deal with spotty internet.

The online casino experience has also drastically improved. Operators did this by adding the latest features and technologies as soon as possible.

In the beginning, games began as software that you could download onto your computers. Now, they are online websites connected to a server, offering a more streamlined and smoother experience.

Players can also choose from different ways to play. Will it be against bots or against real players?

Will it be a VR game or a live casino experience?

As casinos continue to innovate, AI has been an aspect many have been slowly exploring. It is certainly an exciting prospect, and it brings plenty of ways to improve the current gaming experience.

Casino operators stand to benefit from it but users too will see plenty of benefits. This applies to both traditional gamers and modern gamers.

Keep reading on how AI will help.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA – September 8, 2012: Tourists walk on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. The city is popular for the numerous gambling resorts located there.

Improved customer service

For instance, casino operators will see lower overhead costs.

Meanwhile, users enjoy instant, around the clock service. AI can also analyze billing history and other preferences to deliver more targeted responses.

AI in customer support has come far and today offers an increasingly human-like response. Of course, humans will still be available in the background to handle more complex issues.

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How Could AI be used in the Online Casino Industry

AI can identify unhealthy patterns

Gambling addiction is a serious issue and its dangers have been well documented in the last few decades.

Signs of addiction include borrowing money to gamble and not knowing when to draw the line. Chasing losses and lying are a few other red flags.

But AI has the ability to create more responsible gaming experiences.

How you ask?

Well, it can analyze the activities of a player to identify irresponsible patterns. With this input, casinos can create a safety net that keeps their players safe and protected.

Can prevent cheating

The deeper analytical skills of AI can help detect cheaters very early on. This can ensure a level gaming field and safer gambling for everyone involved.

AI can flag suspicious behaviour and interpret any patterns. This will help operators catch cheaters faster before they can harm other players.

This is especially useful when it comes to online casinos. At a casino hall, there are cameras and bouncers to monitor games whereas online casinos don’t have as many eyes.

These are but a few of the benefits everyone stands to gain with AI. Its implementation is still in the early stages but there are positive signs.

For example, AI use in video games has been rapidly increasing and casinos are known to heavily borrow from games. So we can expect that to happen with AI too.

Now AI usage has been around in video games for a while but not the self-learning kind of AI. This is the AI that is found in language processing, computer vision and self-driving cars.

Interestingly, self-learning AI was developed by software that improved upon itself through playing video games. Some examples include OpenAI’s Dota 2 bot and DeepMind’s AlphaGo program.

It was only in the last decade or so that game developers got access to these advanced tools. Through this, they were able to create more intelligent and immersive games that use sophisticated AI.

The end result?

Games that are able to read the player and respond to their moves. Game NPCs that were able to change and evolve through the player’s playthrough.

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It sounds like fiction but this level of AI implementation is very common in many games today.

With this, in the future, we can expect improvements like customized experiences in casino games. Through AI, casino operators can shape and adapt in-game experiences depending on how the player responds.

This goes beyond just the in-game experience. AI can detect the preferred game mode and customize the homepage with curated selections that a player will like.

It can track trends, figure out patterns and predict future actions with accuracy. Casino operators can use this data to fine-tune their games and deliver better experiences.

Moreover, AI can help casinos analyze the data collected to deliver more personalized ads. Special offers and experiences can be promoted to specific players.

These are processes that would take way too long with humans. But with AI, these could be analyzed within minutes.

There is no doubt that online casinos will continue to grow.

What began with 16-bit graphics is now a real-time, realistic gaming experience. People can play with a human dealer and human players with hardly any hassle.

Aside from a realistic experience, the integration of AI will vastly help in online casino development. Whether it is tweaking the UI or the website, casino operators can use AI to discover the optimal settings.

And as a player, responsible gaming and a fair experience will be possible in all games. From online roulette to online blackjack, AI promises to revolutionize how you game.

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How Could AI be used in the Online Casino Industry