HMS Superb : The Legendary RN Dreadnought : In Pictures

HMS Superb : The Legendary RN Dreadnought : In Pictures

Photo #: NH 2714 Sunset and Sea Power in the North Sea, April 1915 A panoramic photograph of battleships of the British Grand Fleet’s First Battle Squadron at sea, seen from the after deck of another battleship. In the group of seven ships visible from left to right center, HMS Marlborough is second from the right. HMS Colossus and HMS Hercules are 3rd & 4th from left. The other ships are (in no order): HMS Superb, HMS St. Vincent, HMS Collingwood and HMS Vanguard. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

HMS Superb was one of three Bellerophon-class dreadnought battleships built for the Royal Navy in the first decade of the 20th century.

A painting by Frank Henry Mason of Superb leading the Allied fleet through the Dardanelles to Constantinople in 1918
HMS Superb at Constantinople

Spending mostly her entire career assigned to the Home and Grand Fleets.

shortly after completion

In World War 1 she spent most of her time doing routine patrols and training in the North Sea.

Right elevation and plan of the first generation of British dreadnoughts from Brassey’s Naval Annual, 1912

However, she did join in the Battle of Jutland!

HMS ‘Superb’ with awning rigged aft, anchored in the Thames Estuary.

Battle of Jutland’s Naval Standing by Hadrian Jeffs

HMS ‘Superb’ passing North Shields for trials, 25 May 1909 (TWAM ref. 1993.9567). Includes T.S. Wellesley in the background. She was a Bellerophon class dreadnought, launched at the Elswick Shipyard of Armstrong Whitworth on 7 November 1907. She served at Jutland. The Rivers Tyne and Wear were responsible for building many vessels, which served Britain during the First World War. This set remembers some of those warships that took part in the Battle of Jutland from 31 May to 1 June 1916. During the battle over 6,000 British sailors lost their lives and 14 Royal Naval vessels were sunk. The losses included the battlecruisers HMS Queen Mary and HMS Invincible, as well as the destroyers HMS Shark, HMS Sparrowhawk and HMS Turbulent, all built on Tyneside. Their memory lives on. (Copyright) We’re happy for you to share these digital images within the spirit of The Commons. Please cite ‘Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’ when reusing. Certain restrictions on high quality reproductions and commercial use of the original physical version apply though; if you’re unsure please email


HMS Superb : The Legendary RN Dreadnought : In Pictures