HMS Renown

HMS Renown

HMS Renown was a legendary ship of the British Royal Navy.

HMS Renown was built with her sister ship HMS Repulse.

During her day, the HMS Renown was the fastest ship in the world!

On her sea trials the HMS Renown was clocked with very impressive numbers. And even more so when you consider that the HMS Renown had a displacement of 27,900 tons.

On the measured mile HMS Renown was able to perform very well at 32.58 knots. Then the HMS Renwon was able to sail for four hours at a full power at 32.284 knots.

Renown built by the Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company at Govan.

“We must “scrap” everyone who gets in the way” British Royal Navy Admiral Lord Fisher said.

The Admiral wanted only fifteen months for the duration from keel laying to the commission of Renown

Off of Melbourne May 1920 during the Royal Tour:

The Admiralty acutely aware of the prestige building qualities of such a tour went to great lengths to give the Renown an Imperial facelift and even the Treasury, for perhaps the last time ever, cooperated with them and released extra money for the facelift.

Consequently high-grade teak planking was laid over all the upper decks, on the quarterdeck, forecastle-deck and boat deck, giving her a postwar appearance of seriously impressive grandeur.

Brown Curtis turbines were installed that were intended to develop 110,000 to 120,000 shp. The forty-two boilers were of the Babcock and Wilcox type and were oil burners exclusively.

With this machinery it was estimated that slightly under 32 knots would be obtained in deep water (about 60 fathoms plus) at legend draught with 120,000 shp and at deep draught they were good for 31 knots.

Sadly Renown was never used for combat, as she was commissioned after the Battle of Jutland at the cost of £3,117,204.

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