HMS Lion : The Royal Navy Battlecruiser’s History In Pictures

HMS Lion : The Royal Navy Battlecruiser’s History In Pictures Admiral Beatty’s ship at Jutland, HMS Lion is a legendary ship of the Royal Navy.

At Dogger Bank on 24th January 1915.
Lion and the battle cruiser captains present at The Battle of Dogger Bank, 24th January 1915.
Image: ‘The Sphere,’ 30th January 1915.

She was the lead ship of her class, the Lion-class, which were nicknamed the “Splendid Cats”.

HMS Queen Mary blowing up at the Battle of Jutland 1916. Queen Mary is surrounded by the explosion and smoke. To the left is HMS Lion, surrounded by waterspouts from enemy shots falling short.

Sinking of HMS Indefatigable & HMS Queen Mary
At Jutland. Smoke from the fire in Q turret can be seen.

During Jutland one of her crew would receive a posthumous Victoria Cross for ordering the flooding of his compartment to stop the spread of a fire.

Officers on board the Lion circa 1916

After Jutland, she would be mostly relegated to patrols.

Q turret of HMS Lion showing damage sustained during The Run to the South at Jutland.
Q turret, different angle. Notice how burnt out it is.
Lion sits at anchor at Rosyth after Jutland
Capt. Rodger Backhouse, on the bridge watching target practice.
Photograph shows taking aboard 13.5 inch shells from a tender, ca 1917.
Taking 13.5 inch shells aboard ca 1917.

And after the war she would be placed in reserve shortly thereafter in 1920.

The Royal Navy & Admiral David Beatty

HMS Lion postcard with Admiral Beatty
Another Lion postcard with Admiral Beatty
Lion’s ‘Q’ turret in 1918. Sopwith 2F Camel plane visible as well.
Admiral William Pakenham on the deck of Lion after assuming command of the battlecruiser force. When Admiral Beatty was promoted to command the Grand Fleet

In 1924 she would be sold for scrap sold for scrap on 31 January 1924 for £77,000. As a result of needing to meet the tonnage limitations of the Washington Naval Treaty.

Lion after section. Cut in two for towing to the breakers yard complying with the Washington Treaty.
At the breakyards.
Fall of Afghanistan

HMS Lion : The Royal Navy Battlecruiser’s History In Pictures