Himmel Meringoff Properties NYC

Himmel Meringoff Properties NYC

Himmel Meringoff Properties Andrea Himmel

Himmel Meringoff Properties NYC : An interview with the grand-daughter of the founder, Andrea Himmel, who has been slated to take over the family-run New York City real estate business that boasts over two million square feet of commercial and storage space within the New York City Metropolitan area.

Andrea is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and has worked in various forms of investing for over a decade. Andrea was previously focused on Energy investing and has brought her sense of energy efficiency to her family business. But, Andrea has also looked to the need for infrastructure within the United States to shift Himmel Meringoff Properties towards more supply and warehouse projects that differ from the firm’s traditional midtown New York City office holdings that go back over 50 years.

The firm originally started buying real estate in Long Island city well before it became a trendy development area taken over by the Elghanayans and Rockrose, (now split up into Rockrose and TF Cornerstone).

What does the future hold for Andrea and Himmel Meringoff Properties? Well certainly a continued shift towards Amazon-esque properties that will be needed for the transport of goods by boxes in the new age internet centric economy. But, that doesn’t mean Andrea and Himmel Meringoff Properties are going to shun commercial real estate within New York City, since that is typically where the outsized returns have been made in real estate over the last few decades.

Andrea has many other passions in life besides real estate and energy investing. Andrea is an avid believer in constant exercise and reading lots of new books! Andrea also believes though Work From Home is a big thing, it will not be the preferred choice for most major corporations.

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