Has Moskva been sunk?

Has Moskva been sunk?

Moskva in 2009

The Flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. Slava-class cruiser Moskva (Moscow) has been abandoned. Apparently suffering a missile strike Ukraine takes credit for.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said the Moskva had “an ammunition fire”. Of course there is no way they are admitting to their people that Ukraine sunk it, see below for some “fake Russian news”:



  • The Moskva is/was the most powerful ship in the black sea.   
  • Mostly noted for having heavy anti-ship missiles. In addition, a large air defense system equal to the S-300 land based system.  
  • What we know is that it had a major explosion. The ship’s crew abandoned ship.
  • Ukraine claims the ship suffered an attack by Ukrainian Anti-ship missiles.  
  • We also know that it was sending rapid fire distress calls in the clear by radio till the radio cut out.  (as reported by Ham Radio listeners)

We do not know if the ship sunk. Or is still on the surface.  

Moskva in 2012
  • Even if it remains afloat, and Russia is able to tow it back to port, it is highly likely it will never sail again due to limits of Russia’s ability to repair and build ships.
  • It was famously the main ship that invaded Snake Island. Leading to the famous “Russian ship, go Bleep yourself” when the Russians asked the troops to surrender.

The Black Seas Fleet is certainly taking it on the chin.  And now an amphibious invasion will be lacking its primary anti-aircraft protection. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised British anti-ship missiles during his recent visit to Ukraine, but it seems a little too soon. 

More likely they were the Ukrainian prototypes for their Neptune as they claim. And of course, the Neptune is just a modification of a Russian missile. So the latter became hoisted on their own petard.

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Has Moskva been sunk?