Hacking A Tesla In 1 Minute & 6 Seconds

Hacking A Tesla In 1 Minute & 6 Seconds

Hacking A Tesla In 1 Minute & 6 Seconds Is breaking into a Tesla as easy as breaking into a phone?

Maybe not.

But, its the same kind of datasets. Cars are just more complicated and hundreds of little systems. So there are many moving parts that can be interrupted.

At a recent Hacking conference a team of engineers were able to break into a Tesla in just 1 minute and 6 seconds. According the one of the hackers involved in the team, Tesla is one of the few companies that wants to learn from hackers, as a result to strenghten their own security.

So how safe is your Tesla? And does the migration from fossil fuels to electic cars bring about a much more insecure automotive experience.

Many worry about hackers taking over pacemakers and threating to turn them off without a 10k USD payment of bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Or maybe a hacker will not let your heating and air conditioning system in your home operate?

Hacking A Tesla In 1 Minute & 6 Seconds

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Firstly, we must worry about all devices that we use with an electrical power source. Even if the operating system is simple to non-existent, the electricity can be turned off as well. Secondly, the hackers will look to target anything they can find. So this isn’t just about pacemakers. As a result, maybe try and de “futurize” your house?