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Grange Johnson Hedge Fund Manager Fordham Gabelli Speaker Profile

Grange Johnson Hedge Fund Manager Fordham Gabelli Speaker Profile

QuantVision 2024: Fordham’s Quantitative Conference

Grange Johnson, a seasoned professional in the world of finance and investment, boasts an impressive educational background. He commenced his academic journey at Brown University, where he obtained his undergraduate degree. His thirst for knowledge and expertise in finance led him to Columbia University, where he earned an MBA. These institutions laid the foundation for a career marked by innovation, leadership, and significant achievements in the financial sector.

  1. Early Career:
    • Johnson’s professional journey began at Merrill Lynch, where he worked as a Financial Analyst in the Restructuring Group from 1989 to 1991. His role involved a focus on bankruptcies, recapitalizations, and advisory services for troubled companies.
    • He then joined Perry Partners as a Research Analyst, where he financed a major part of his business school education by analyzing event-driven securities (1991-1993).
    • His tenure at McKinsey & Company as an Associate (1993-1995) saw him consulting for companies across telecommunications, energy, and financial services.
  2. Establishing Expertise in Event-Driven Investment:
    • Johnson’s expertise in event-driven investment strategies began to take shape during his time at Chesapeake Partners (1995-1996) and Comac Partners (1996-2000). He played a pivotal role in establishing the CoMac Opportunities Fund, focusing on post-bankruptcy/orphan equities and achieving a 17.8% net annualized return over four years.
  3. Entrepreneurial Ventures:
    • In 2000, Johnson founded LaGrange Capital Partners, an event-driven, special situations hedge fund. Under his leadership, the fund grew from $3 million to $400 million in assets, earning industry recognition and awards. He successfully managed this venture for 17 years, demonstrating his prowess in creating a robust investment infrastructure and team.
  4. Leadership Roles in Investment Firms:
    • Johnson’s career further flourished as he assumed the role of Managing Director and Head of Distressed Investing at GAMCO Investors, Inc. (2019-2020), where he built a cross-capital structure distressed securities business, reporting directly to Mario Gabelli.
    • He then served as a Managing Director at BTIG (2022-May 2023), where he advised various sectors and was instrumental in building out the special situations and cannabis practices.
    • Simultaneously, Johnson has been the CEO of FLJ Capital, LLC since 2017. This event-driven investment fund focuses on distressed debt and special situation equities, emphasizing the Greater New York City Area.
  5. Current Role:
    • As of April 2023, Grange Johnson holds the position of Deputy Chief Investment Officer at Appomattox Advisory, Inc., a New York-based SEC-registered investment firm founded in 2005. Furthermore, the firm specializes in providing comprehensive Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services for institutional investors. Primarily focusing on endowments and foundations. His role in this prestigious firm underscores his vast experience and deep knowledge in the field of investment and finance.

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