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Good Pharma Scorecard Rankings

Good Pharma Scorecard Rankings

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Newspaper advertisements seeking patients and healthy volunteers to participate in clinical trials

The new Good Pharma Scorecard rankings are out!

Good Pharma Scorecard developed metrics for  the fair inclusion of women, older adults in addition racial/ethnic minorities in clinical research and used them to rank/rate pharma companies on their clinical trial diversity. Moreover, several companies (13) made it to the leaderboard for their novel oncology products FDA approved in 2012- 17.

Overall, Good Pharma Scorecard found:
  • 56% of companies adequately represented women
  • 24% older adults
  • 16% racially & ethnically minoritized patients

In terms of transparency:

  • 100% of sponsors reported trial participant sex
  • 40% age
  • 24% race & ethnicity

Good Pharma Scorecard still needs to work on recording & disseminating trial participant demographics however:

  • While 81% of trials (52/64) publicly report the number of Black-identifying patients participating in trials & 83% Asian
  • Only 42% of trials report the number of Latino participants
  • 15% Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander
  • 17% American Indian & Alaska Native

Furthermore, a link to the paper in BMJ Medicine:

In conclusion, the Good Pharma Scorecard ranks companies on their bioethics and social responsibility performance and governance, taking into account ethics and legal standards. Furthermore, measures evaluate the integrity of clinical trial designs, the accessibility of medicines, marketing practices. In addition, diversity and fair inclusion, among other ethics and human rights issues.

Good Pharma Scorecard Rankings