Genetic Engineering : Are We Gambling With The Human Race?

Genetic Engineering : Are We Gambling With The Human Race?

Genetic Engineering : Are We Gambling With The Human Race? There is very little to almost no background testing on the negative potential of genetic engineering. It is very much a new and extremely novel scientific field. Furthermore, development is occuring all over the world with very little oversight.

Chinese babies are immune to HIV now because their genes were edited so that the virus couldn’t inject themselves into the cells. 
However, they don’t know if this will have any side effects on the babies as we literally know so little about the genes and their effects. What’s even crazier is this edited gene is also heritable – that is if these two babies are to be allowed to mate with others, this gene will remain forever in the genetic pool of human race… 
So maybe in a few thousand years, the entire human race will be immune to HIV thanks to this crazy scientist – or become crazy zombies if there are indeed unknown side effects. 

In conclusion, should governments band together to create a more coherent global genetic editing and engineering standards? Moreover, governments can’t let dangerous genes become a part of the human race. Futhermore, genes that could include highly negative traits. Negative traits we can’t even imagine.

In final conclusion, we look to science to curb the ethical standards of research and development. But, of course that is such a naive way of thinking. As a result of the human desire for acclaim and monetary compensation, morals will be stretched to bad places. Simply speaking, good actors will become bad actors with the wrong incentives.

Are We Gambling With The Human Race?

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