Future Train Concepts : Mercury Train

Future Train Concepts : Mercury Train

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Future Train Concepts : Mercury Train. In the mid-1930s, the New York Central launched an experiment to grow its passenger traffic in the midwest. Firstly, the goal was a new streamlined service focusing on speed and innovation. As a result, “Mercury,” the name of the Roman god of messengers, was chosen for its connotations of speed; the name was announced to the public on May 14, 1936. 

Furthermore, in 1934, Henry Dreyfuss had gained attention for the New York Central. With his streamlined design for the Commodore Vanderbilt locomotive. Firstly, this was his first railroad design. Secondly, he was best known for his work on consumer products like telephones. Thirdly, fountain pens were some of his best sucesses. Lastly, he had made much of his money from vacuum cleaners. In 1935, the Central asked him to take on the new project.

Here is his description of how the plan developed:

The final designs were approved, but when they were put out for bid prices were so out of line that the project was canceled. It was a heavy blow when I received the bad news, for the trains had been a major effort for our office. I decided to take the rest of the day off, and I boarded a train for the country.

En route, traveling the railroad yards of Mott Haven, I saw the answer. I got off the train, returned to New York, and suggested [to the Central president] that some of the used cars in the yards might be converted. Out of them, the successful Mercurys were built at one-quarter of the original figure. The Mercurys have been called a turning point in railroad design. They were the first streamliners done as a unit, inside and out, integrating everything from locomotives to dinner china. The train’s first cars were rebuilt from surplus suburban commuter coaches like those that Dreyfuss saw unused.

In conclusion, on October 5, 1972, Dreyfuss and his terminally-ill wife and business partner Doris Marks Dreyfuss committed suicide by running their car in the garage of their South Pasadena, California home. A tragic loss for America. And the world in a city where people are considered over the hill when they reach 30.

“To look ahead one must learn to look back” -Henry Dreyfuss

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Future Train Concepts : Mercury Train