Future of Machine Learning : A Brief Look

Future of Machine Learning : A Brief Look

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Future of Machine Learning : A Brief Look Machine learning is the study of making computer algorithms that improve automation learned from data. This helps in making a computer “sentient”. Machine learning’s reach is very wide in the tech spectrum, but it can be categorized into two main groups: 

1) Supervised learning: the machine learning technique of training a function that maps an input to an output based on the data provided.

2) Unsupervised learning: a machine learning technique in which the data scientists need not train the model. Instead, the training model works on its own to identify patterns that were previously undetected. It mainly deals with the unlabelled data.

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Machine learning has become increasingly popular and has reached human-level performance in many challenging areas such as image recognition and finance. This development has been fuelled by the following:

1) An unprecedented increase in data volume makes it challenging for data scientists to extract the relevant information using conventional methods. 

2) An increase in knowledge of AI and machine learning, contributing to the development of machine learning applications that are made to cater to the needs of specific applications.

3) Freely available, open-source software frameworks that are easy to use and allow the development of complex machine learning applications based on a couple of hundred lines of Python code.

Among the latest breakthroughs in machine learning, tech giant Google open-sourced their machine learning project “TensorFlow,” which already was an active project being used in various fields. If the current trend is of any indication, algorithms and machine learning are going to dominate the tech world for a very long time. The supply-demand gap for machine learning has been going up and the wars among the tech giants have also been getting fierce. 

The future of machine learning looks really exciting. Currently, pretty much every industry uses machine learning. The idea of working on a new domain in the present day without the application of machine learning seems rather daunting. During the post-industrialization time, individuals have attempted to make machines that act and do every activity just like a human. As a result, machine learning has become AI’s greatest blessing to the human race for the effective realization of the targets. The rise of machine learning has also changed the way firms hire employees.

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These are the few areas that are expected to be heavily impacted by machine learning:

  1. Search results optimization:

SEO is developing at a rapid pace with the application of machine learning. It helps us far better understand the intent – a very important signal for content that is relevant and of such high quality. It helps us filter through massive amounts of data, get insights, and perform tedious tasks. The SEO community must adapt and help search engines connect users with the right content at the right time and deliver the best content experience.

  1. Finance 

People have started using ML in finance more these days due to the vast availability of data. It is reshaping the financial services industry like never before. Big banks and companies in the financial services industry are deploying ML to streamline their processes, optimize portfolios, decrease risk, and underwrite loans amongst other things.

  1. Healthcare

ML can potentially improve the treatment protocols and outcomes through algorithmic processes. For example, deep learning is being used in radiology and medical imaging. With the use of neural networks, deep learning can detect, recognize, and analyze cancerous lesions from images. With the help of machine learning, the processing speeds have increased and cloud infrastructures are able to detect anomalies in images beyond what the human eye can see, helping in diagnosing and treating disease.

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Future of Machine Learning : A Brief Look Written by Vishwaa Narayanan

Edited by Jimei Shen, Ryan Cunningham & Jay Devon