Future Ocean Vessel

Future Ocean Vessel

Future Ocean Vessel : Future of Ocean Travel?

The Energy Observer is an experimental hydrogen powered catamaran.

Because oil and lithium supplies are finite, engineers are attempting to make a 100% self sufficient boat, believing that hydrogen energy will be used everywhere in the future.

More than 40 engineers have worked on this project.

The boat is currently traveling around the world on its maiden voyage, visiting 101 points and 50 countries in six years.

The boat electrolyses hydrogen and stores it in high-pressured tanks.

At full capacity, the boat can hold 62 kg of hydrogen on board, which is equivalent to around 2 megawatts of energy.

The Energy Observer also has the ability to harness solar power, and wind energy.

When weather conditions are sunny and windy, the boat sails using these renewables.

To begin with, Energy Observer is the name of the first hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vessel to be self-sufficient in energy, advocating and serving as a laboratory for ecological transition. Now an organisation that combines expeditions and innovations, Energy Observer is exploring and developing solutions that prove that another future for energy is possible, an optimistic future, which is more respectful of the planet and those who live here.

Criss-crossing the oceans in a bid to go out and meet the people who are coming up with sustainable solutions on a daily basis, Energy Observer has become a movement, a round the world Odyssey, where every stopover is an opportunity to learn, understand and share positive energies.

Future Ocean Vessel