Flying Car Cost Is Still Far Too High

Flying Car Cost Is Still Far Too High With even the cheapest flying car protypes looking close to $1 million, which is much higher than even Ferrari’s top of the line edition. Moreover, pundits are asking will this industry ever get off the ground in the near future?

One example of a beautiful flying car that has failed to get off the ground is the Moller Skycar. As a result, of a price tag that is just too high. The world is waiting for the first Skycar still.

The Moller Skycar is a “flying car”.

Moreover, a personal vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Furthermore, initially Invented and developed by Paul Moller, who pushed the idea for decades. 

However, as of 2021, SkyCars have only flown in tethered flight – i.e. attached to a crane for safety, not support.

In addition the Moller Skycar has Wankel combustion engines powering it. Whenever it does finally hit the mass market. If ever? 

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Moller claimed the SkyCar would weigh about 1 tonne, with a range of about 1,500 km and a cruise speed of almost 500 km/h.

Moller has been quiet for a few years. In addition, the idea has rather been overtaken by the electric aircraft and urban air taxi revolution. Both of which are due in service in 2 or 3 years – flight and airspace control testing is going on right now.

Who knows, now Moller’s concept has been proven right, just with different technology, maybe he’ll be back with an evolved, electric design?

A piston powered engine is far more expensive than an electric engine, but at the same time an electric engine is much safer to operate. An Electric engine can stop more quickly and respond to precise programmed directions. Look at the giant drone shows these days, imagine flying cars with that precision? Lastly, a precision of inces.

Flying Car Cost Is Still Far Too High