Evolutionary Computing for Space Missions

Evolutionary Computing for Space Missions

Daniel Tauritz, Chief Cyber AI Strategist, Auburn Cyber Research Center & Auburn University’s Davide Guzzetti

Computer Science and Software Engineering

3127E Shelby Center dtauritz@auburn.edu




Ph.D. Computer Science, Leiden University M.S. Computer Science, Leiden University Propaedeutic Computer Science, Leiden University Propaedeutic Mathematics, Leiden University

Research Interests:

Artificial Intelligence for National Security (Cyber Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Program Understanding)​Automated Design of Algorithms employing Hyper-Heuristics Computational Game Theory employing Coevolutionary Algorithms Evolutionary Computation.

Dr. Davide Guzzetti is an assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University. Dr. Guzzetti’s research focus is astrodynamics and space mission design in complex space environments. Dr. Guzzetti contributed to a better understanding and utilization of deep space destinations with studies about multi-body regimes, orbit motion under strong solar radiation pressure and irregular gravity field, stationkeeping of chaotic trajectories in vicinity of the Moon, and coupling effects between orbit and attitude dynamics. Dr. Guzzetti’s research is applied to solar system robotic missions, deep space manned habitats, Earth or astronomical observatories, and space propulsion technology.

Currently, Dr. Guzzetti is establishing the Immersive, Interactive, Intelligent Space Dynamics lab. This laboratory is devoted to discovering new synergies between astrodynamics and the ever-evolving technology of the information age. The 3iSD lab is integrating virtual reality, large computational capabilities, and machine learning techniques with advanced mathematical and dynamical understanding of spacecraft motion to create new options for classical space mission design and inspire new ideas to approach space exploration.

Opportunities are available for students with an interest in astrodynamics, machine learning, neural networks, and computer visualization.


Evolutionary Computing for Space Missions

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