Energy Crisis And Its Effects On Job Losses At Ovo Energy

Energy Crisis And Its Effects On Job Losses At Ovo Energy 

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In the last 50 years, cyclical energy shortages caused an energy crisis, and now it has reached its peak. Now China, The United Kingdom, the EU, and the USA are dealing with the effects of the energy crisis and trying to make things work. It touched every citizen of these countries because any situation instantly reflects on the product’s prices and job positions.

Energy prices are rising worldwide, and everyone is arguing about it. The cost of natural gas became four times higher than last year. But the energy crisis is not only about changes in prices. It is also about people who work in the energy industry. When the market faces dark times, it results in unexpected job shortages, one of which is about to happen at OVO energy. Let’s dive into the details.

Reasons for the energy crisis in 2022 

Experts define various reasons for the current energy crisis. They all forced a massive percentage of people from the energy sector to start a job search because of losing their previous job. So, the reasons for the crisis include: 

  • the renovation of the global economy after the covid pandemic and big quarantine restrictions;
  • the transition of EU countries into renewable energy strategies;
  • the exhaustion of gas reserves due to severe frost that took place last season;
  • the shortage of natural gas supply from the Russian Federation to the European Union;
  • the reduction of gas extraction activity in the US;

Analytics say this crisis resembles the Arab oil embargo from the 70s. It was followed by complex economic, social and political consequences. The weather also played a big part in it, like freezing winter and periods of abnormal heat in the summer causing more extensive energy consumption. Currently, the gas storages in the EU are significantly lower than before.

The impact of the energy crisis on the UK job market

This global energy problem strikes all countries of Western Europe, and the United Kingdom was less prepared for it than EU countries. The ongoing energy crises include the gas crisis that all governments experience and the UK gasoline crisis in particular. Those two crises emerged simultaneously and made the population struggle with high prices and the downfall of career opportunities. 

Brexit caused a partial outflow of EU citizens from Great Britain. This outflow included truck drivers who are responsible for the transportation of energy resources. Now the industry experiences a lack of truck drivers with professional work experience. The lockdown and other anti-pandemic activities slowed down the training and examination of the specialists. They still need to recruit thousands of people to sustain fuel delivery.

And that’s when the job shortages began. Firstly, dozens of gas stations were closed. British people started to stand in long queues to make reservations for gasoline. This hype caused more headaches to energy companies. The government began to hire drivers from the military to sustain the logistics of energy products. So, if you’ve lost your tech job in the energy industry, invest in your career as a pro truck driver.

Job Shortages at OVO Energy

OVO Energy is a vast UK company that’s been on the market for 13 years. The number of its employees is over 6,200. It is the 3d largest energy supplier in the UK, serving roughly 5 million customers across the British Isles. Due to the energy crisis, this company has to reduce production costs. 

This winter, they announced mass shortages of their employees. OVO Energy employers are about to fire almost 1,700 workers, which is nearly 15% of the whole employee number. Each day for an OVO energy worker is like a Mafia game, as they never know if they will still have their workplace tomorrow. 

So now, OVO energy employees must plan their future and start looking for job opportunities in other companies in the energy industry. If you are one of them, the following career tips will help you out.

Before starting your job application process, remember that your resume must pass the ATS system. That is why in 2022, job seekers ask professional cover letter writers to assist them with the documentation. Otherwise, a hiring manager won’t notice your job application, and you won’t even land an interview. 

Top trends for job-seekers in the Energy Industry

European countries invest money in the renewable energy industry to become resistant to the energy crisis. Getting solar energy from the sun or geothermal energy from the heat inside the earth can make an excellent alternative to traditional energy sources. Skillful workers are also needed to extract wind energy and hydropower from flowing water. 

Traditional energy sources are exhaustible. So it’s a question of time when the crisis reaches such a point when job shortages will be measured in thousands of people. Each year, people need more energy to satisfy their needs, and the environment suffers from it. The most extensive damage to nature comes from thermal power plants, which create toxic and nuclear pollution. 

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Energy Crisis And Its Effects On Job Losses At Ovo Energy